Define settings for Output Management

In 'Settings - Output Management' (CMS700), the general settings for output management are defined.

01 - Program used for confirming the Output job

The field indicates what program to use if confirmation of output job is selected in 'Output Service Selection. Open' (MNS204). If alternative 0 is selected, 'Output. Select Media' (MNS212) is used to confirm the media settings. All media listed in (MNS212) are included in the output job if not manual deleted from the job.

If alternative 1 is selected, program (MNS215) is used to confirm the media settings. Only media selected to be included in (MNS215) are included in the output job. Selected media is saved per user and used as default for the next output job.

03 Document type ID for large input files

This field indicates the document type ID which will be used to hold the temporary files needed for processing a large file. The file is considered large if it is more than 1 MB in size. A smaller file will still be processed using the old solution through a base64 string.

If this field is hidden, we will use the provisioned document type from IDM to send the XML or CSV first, and then retrieve it by XQuery to generate a PDF or Excel output regardless of the file size.

Email distribution to multiple email addresses using email groups

Email distribution to multiple email addresses can now be done using an email group. The 'Email group' is an additional field in 'Output Media Selection. Open' (MNS205) and 'Doc Media Control Object. Connect Media' (CRS949) that are used in combination with the 'To email' field.

In the XML file, email group information can be seen in the media section wherein 'To email' (TOMA) and 'To email group' (EMGR) information are displayed as one in the TOMA field. All valid email addresses listed in 'Email Group. Open Email Address' (CRS119) receives a copy of the document.

'Email Group. Open' (CRS118)

This program contains email groups (EMGR) that are used in (MNS205), (CRS949) or during confirm output in (MNS215) and (MNS212). Upon creation of the email group, the 'No. of Email' field (MXRE) is set to 30 but you have the option to change it up to 100. Only EMGR with email address connected is allowed to be used in (MNS205), (CRS949), (MNS215) and (MNS212) programs.

'Email Group. Open Email Address' (CRS119)

This program contains all the email addresses included in the email group. (CRS119) has 2 email types:

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