Define output service type

In 'Output Service Type. Open' (MNS217), output service types are defined which determine the output format (interface).


Multi-level XML files are highly standardized and fully extensible by configuration. Field from all tables in M3 Business Engine are available. Labels (field headings) are sent in the XML file, already translated to correct language (based on user, customer or supplier). Numbers and dates follow the XML standard.

Stream file

Stream files are text files with a name-value format intended to be used by external output management applications. They contain these sections:
  • Media control section - where you can specify multiple media and control the required output.
  • Front-page section - where you can specify the document output ordering data, and the selection criteria to be used for the output.
  • Document data - where the document data is grouped by a set of records with multiple detailed lines.
Note: Stream files are not maintained and only provided as is. We recommend that you use XML instead.


XMLOUT is intended for use when sharing output with other systems. XMLOUT is a stream file, although it is in XML format. Compared to STREAM, the XMLOUT file only contains control information and keys to the business data, instead of declaring the full set of data. For more information about the XMLOUT format, see the M3 Business Message Initiator.


This output service type is intended for the use of External Output Management applications. CSV files are text files with delimiter separated values. This delimiter is comma (,) by default but can be changed.

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