Add additional field from standard table

This procedure defines additional fields from standard table, which are tables that are always read by the Output function. This is the easiest type of modification possible, since no extra table read is necessary. Adding fields from these tables has minimal effect on the performance of the output function.

After the field is defined, it can be selected as an element in (CMS009):

  1. Start (CMS006), select XML structure and use option 11='XML Structure. Open Section' to start (CMS007).
  2. Select structure and use option 11='XML Structure Section. Open Element' in (CMS007) to start (CMS009).
  3. Click 'Section tables' to start 'XML Section. Open Table' (CMS008).
  4. Select Table and use option 7='Add field to field group'.
  5. On the N panel, specify field selection 1-'Specific fields'.
  6. Click 'Select field' and select the required field from the table.
  7. Repeat step 6 if additional fields are required.
  8. Press Enter to define the additional field(s).
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