Transaction history - MMS901

The auto start job 'Transaction History' (MMS901) monitors the actual stock movements for items with inventory accounting code 1.

For these items, (MMS901) updates the transaction history, item statistics, number of transactions for each location and the new average price in those cases where the items have inventory valuation method 2.

Programs that create records and get updated in the ASJ table

Input parameters - MMM901

Field name Description Size
MTCONO Company 3,0
MTWHLO Warehouse 3
MTITNO Item number 15
MTRGDT Entry date 8,0
MTRGTM Entry time 6,0
MTTRDT Transaction date 8,0
MTRESP Responsible 10
MTTRTP Order type 3
MTTTYP Stock transaction type 2,0
MTWHSL Location 10
MTBANO Lot number 12
MTCAMU Container 12
MTREPN Receiving number 10,0
MTBREF Lot reference 1 12
MTBRE2 Lot reference 2 12
MTRIDN Order number 7
MTRIDO Order operation 6,0
MTRIDL Order line 6,0
MTRIDI Order index 3,0
MTRFTX Reference text 30
MTRORC Reference order category 1,0
MTRORN Reference order number 7
MTRORL Reference order line 6,0
MTRPRT Representative transaction 1,0
MTECVE Revision number 4
MTSTAS Status - balance identity 1
MTTRQT Quantity in basic U/M 15,6
MTNSTQ New on-hand balance 15,6
MTNSTT New on-hand balance per transaction date 15,6
MTINER Physical inventory error 1,0
MTTUPC Updating code for transaction 1,0
MTTRPR Inventory accounting price 17,6
MTTRPO Transaction price order 17,6
MTMFCO Acquisition cost 17,6
MTPROJ Project number 7
MTELNO Element 8
MTRSCD Transaction reason 3
MTPGNM Program name 10
MTCHID Changed by 10
MTNQUQ On-hand for inspection per entry date 15,6
MTNRJQ Rejected on-hand entry date 15,6
MTFANO On-hand balance - facility 15,6
MTFANQ On-hand balance for inspection -facility 15,6
MTFANR Rejected on-hand balance - facility 15,6
MTPOTC Purchase order category 2
MTCAWE Catch weight 15,6
MTCWLO Catch weight losses 15,6
MTNHAI Next item number 15
MTNHSN Next serial number 12
MTCFGL Configuration position 15
MTBIRT Origin identity 10,0
MTINDI Lot control method 1,0
MTDEID Complaint 7,0
MTPRMF Process manufacturing order number 7,0
MTTSTM Timestamp 26
MTOWNC Owner 10
MTACRF User-defined accounting control object 8
MTATNR Attribute number 9
MTATNB Attribute number lot 9
MTCDTP Cross dock type 1
MTTRQA Transaction quantity in alt U/M 8
MTSUDO Delivery note number 20
MTPANR Package number 10
MTJNA Job name 10
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