Load - PMS960

The autostart job 'Load' (PMS960) recalculates work-load based on signals from the autostart jobs 'Entry of MO' (PMS005), 'Reschedule MO' (PMS015), and 'Deletion of MO' (PMS035).

Programs that create records in the ASJ table

Program Description
DCS0H0 Stop operation
PMS065 Auto report MO material
PMS070 MO Operation. Report
PMS905 Calculate lead time on MO
PMS945 Auto-report quality inspection work center
PMS991 Re-create workload
PPS321 Handling subcontracting

Input parameters - MPM960

Field name Description Size
ZACONO Company 3,0
ZATTYP Stock transaction type 2,0
ZAFACI Facility 3
ZAPRNO Product number 15
ZAMFNO Manufacturing order number 7,0
ZAOPNO Operation number 3,0
ZAPGNM Program name 10
ZARGDT Entry date 8,0
ZARGTM Entry time 6,0
ZACHID Changed by 10
ZATSTM Timestamp 26

Updated tables

Table Description
MPM960RR Change workload

Related ASJs and functions

  Name Description
ASJ: None  
Functions: PMS910 Remove workload
  PMS970 Calculate remaining time on MO operation
  PMS991 Re-create workload
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