Delivery Status - MWS971

The auto start job 'Manage Delivery Status' (MWS971) monitors the trigger records of (MMW971) and calls MMMNGDST where the deliveries are processed according to the dispatch settings of the delivery.

The programs that create records in the (MMW971) table are shown in the chart for (MWS970).

Input parameters - MMW971

Field name Description Size
J1CONO Company 3,0
J1DLIX Delivery number 10
J1WHLO Warehouse 3
J1PLRI Wave number 10
J1PGNM Program name 10
J1OPC Operation code 10
J1COPL Wave line 1/0
J1JNA Job name 10
J1RGDT Entry date 8/0
J1RGTM Entry time 6/0
J1CHID Changed by 10
J1TSTM Timestamp 26
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