MRP calculation - MMS911

The auto start job 'Planning Overview' (MMS911) monitors planned stock transactions for each combination of item and warehouse, and performs the MRP calculations for items trigged for continuous net change (see parameter in (MMS002/E)).

Programs that create records and get updated in the ASJ table

Input parameters - MMM911

Field name Description Size
MCCONO Company 3,0
MCWHLO Warehouse 3
MCITNO Item number 15
MCCONC Continuous net change 1,0
MCLEVL Lowest level 2,0
MCCALD Calculation date 8,0
MCRFPC Reason for planning calculation 2,0
MCBANO Lot number 12
MCCFGH NHA configuration position 15
MCLOCH Location history 1,0
MCJNA Job name 10
MCTSTM Timestamp 26
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