Release of location used - MMS930

The auto start job 'Release of Location Used' (MMS930) monitors the locations that may not be divided or that have multi-storage location 0. When the delay entered has passed, the auto start job changes the location from occupied to vacant.

The process is triggered from the program (MMS900) (Fnc: Stock transactions) which writes a record to the work table (MMM930) when processing a transaction that affects a location for which the 'Number of balance identities' field becomes 0 under the processing and for which the 'Delay' field in (MMS010) is set to greater than 0.

Programs that create records and get updated in the ASJ table

Input parameters - MMM930

Field name Description Size
MTCONO Company 3,0
MTWHLO Warehouse 3
MTWHSL Location 10
MTDEHO Delay in hours 5,3
MTPGNM Program name 10
MTRGDT Entry date 8,0
MTRGTM Entry time 6,0
MTCHID Changed by 10
MTTSTM Timestamp 26
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