PUR - M3 BE Procurement

POP - Purchase Order Processing

PSS - Supplier Evaluation and Statistics

POB - Purchases Order Batch Entry

'Purchase Order Batch. File' (PPS945) archives purchase order batch transactions viewed in (PPS370). The batch orders must be transferred to Purchased orders (status = 90). Soft selections can be made on PO batch origin, supplier, message no, PO number, and order date.

Records from the following tables are archived:

Table Description
MXBETR TF: PO batch entry transactions
MXCCST TF: PO batch accounting strings
MXHEAD TF: PO head. Batch
MXLINE TF: PO line. Batch
MXOEXP TF: PO charges. Batch
MXPOAD TF: PO address. Batch
MXTEXT TF: PO text lines. Batch