Entry of MO - PMS005

The auto start job 'Entry of MO' (PMS005) monitors the new requests for manufacturing orders and creates manufacturing orders accordingly.

Programs that create records in the ASJ table MPM005

Program Description
OIS100 Customer Order. Open (if auto MO is 1 or 2)
OIS273 Read OXCNTR & INIT order tables
OIS300 Customer Order. Open Toolbox
OIS916 Update available for preliminary order
PMS001 Manufact Order. Enter
PMS914 Create W/O from order proposals
PMS995 Create records for MPM001 work orders

Programs that create records in the ASJ table MPM001

Program Description
OIS937 Create records for MPM001 work orders
PMS914 Create W/O from order proposals
PMS005 Create work order
PMS995 Create records for MPM001 work orders
PMS917 Create W/O direct for MO proposal
PMS101 Manufacturing Order. Open Lines

Input parameters - MPM005

Field name Description Size
ZAJNU Job number 6,0
ZAPRD Job date 6,0
ZAPRT Job time 6,0
ZACONO Company 3,0
ZATTYP Stock transaction type 2,0
ZASACC Serial number range 2,0
ZAGETP Origin 1,0
ZACDCD Costing decimals 1,0
ZAPGNM Program name 10
ZARGDT Entry date 8,0
ZARGTM Entry time 6,0
ZACHID Changed by 10
ZATSTM Timestamp 26

Input parameters - MPM001

Field name Description Size
ZACONO Company 3,0
ZAJNU Job number 6,0
ZAPRD Job date 6,0
ZAPRT Job time 6,0
ZALEVL Lowest level 2,0
ZAFACI Facility 3
ZAPRNO Product number 15
ZACFIN Configuration number 7,0
ZAECVS Simulation round 3,0
ZAFIDT Finish date 8,0
ZASTDT Start date 8,0
ZAMSTI Start time 4,0
ZAMFTI Finish time 4,0
ZAORTY Order type 3
ZALTRE Share of lead-time 3,0
ZAORQA Ordered quantity - alternate U/M 15,6
ZAMAUN Manufacturing U/M 3
ZARESP Responsible 10
ZAWHLO Warehouse 3
ZAWHSL Location 10
ZABANO Lot number 12
ZARORN Reference order number 7
ZARORL Reference order line 6,0
ZARORC Reference order category 1,0
ZANUC1 Number of put-away cards 2,0
ZANUC2 Number of material requisitions 2,0
ZANUC3 Number of labor tickets 2,0
ZANUC4 Number of shop traveler cards 2,0
ZANUC5 Number of routing cards 2,0
ZANUC6 Number of picking lists 2,0
ZANUC7 Number of design documents 2,0
ZABDCD Explosion 1,0
ZAPRIO Priority 1,0
ZAWHST Lowest status - MO 2
ZANUBA Number of batches 5,0
ZAWLDE Load dependent 1,0
ZASDTB Same date for batches 1,0
ZAVANO Product variant 15
ZAPRHL Product number highest level 15
ZAMFHL MO-number highest level 7,0
ZAPRLO Product number overlying level 15
ZAMFLO MO-number higher level 7,0
ZAMSLO Serial number overlying level 4,0
ZAWOSQ MO reporting number 9,0
ZALVSQ Level sequence 3,0
ZALECD Lowest level 2,0
ZARNBA Number of batches 5,0
ZADONE   1,0
ZASTRT Product structure type 3
ZADIVI Division 3
ZAAOID Alternative routing ID 2
ZASTRD Structure date 8,0
ZACFI1 Configuration number 7,0
ZAECV1 Simulation round 3,0
ZAPLPN Order proposal number 7,0
ZAPGNM Program name 10
ZAPROJ Project number 7
ZAELNO Project element 8
ZASCHN Schedule number 8,0
ZASUFI Service 20
ZATTYP Stock transaction type 2,0
ZADOPC   1,0
ZAMSRE   1,0
ZAWCLN Production line 8
ZARGDT Entry date 8,0
ZARGTM Entry time 6,0
ZALMDT Change date 8,0
ZACHNO Change number 3,0
ZACHID Changed by 10
ZAITNO Item number 15
ZAMFNO Manufacturing order number 7,0
ZATSTM Timestamp 26

Updated tables

Table Description
BPMOPO00 Manufacturing order proposal
MPDCHF20 Configuration header table
MPDSDM00 Simulation design main table
MPDSIH00 Simulation product table
MPM00100 Create work order
MPM00110 Create work order
MPM05P00 Create work order phantom table
MWOCPN00 Co-product per operation number
MWOHED00 Work order header
MWOMAT00 Work order materials
MWOMAT20 Work order materials
MWOOPE00 Work order operations
MWOPHA Work order used phantoms
MWORCO00 Rate compensators per material
OOLINE00 Customer order, line
MWOPOL Work Order Production Lots

Related ASJs and functions

  Name Description
ASJ: None  
Functions: CCHKMTN Check if main product > variance product
  CRS975 Retrieve formula/matrix/feature value
  CRS983 Text, copy
  CRS985 Copy text between different tables
  CRTVNBR Retrieve number
  PMS900 Calculate quantities on work order
  PMS905 Calculate lead-time on work order
  PMS997 Create CJBCMD for simulation and calculation
  PMS901 Create alt. material for MO
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