Finding interrupted batch jobs

Status code in CJBCTL

A status field is supplied to monitor the execution of the job in the CJBCTL table.

The status can be one of the following:

CMNGJOB checks at short intervals if any job with status 00 is available, and if it is possible to start this in the requested job queue, according to the limits set on job queue and subsystem activity level. If so, the job is started and the status is set to 20. If a technical failure is detected, so the job cannot be started, the status is set to 15. A technician must analyze what caused the problem.

If the application program dumps during execution, the status of the job is set to 25, and an analysis is required. The cause can be a program error, settings or parameters errors, or an error in the database.

If the job is completes normally, the status is set to 30 and the job is finished.

Function to display interrupted jobs

The contents of the job control file CJBCTL and job command file can be displayed using M3 BE programs 'Job. Connect to Job Queue' (MNS310) and 'Submitted Job. Open' (MNS250). By filtering on status in 'Job. Display History' (MNS320) the interrupted jobs can be displayed and examined. Several list views exist in the program:

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