Programs using object access group checking routines

Check access authorization for bank accounts - CCHKABA

CCHKABA uses parameter list cPLCHKBA. cPLCHKBA is used by the following programs:

Program name Description
ABS100 Bank Statement. Open
CCHKABA Check access authorization for bank account
CRS692 Bank accounts

Check access authorization for accounting items - CCHKACA

CCHKACA uses parameter list cPLCHKAC. cPLCHKAC is used by the following programs:

Program name Description
AUTCHKMI Check authorization
BUS101 Budget entry
BUS200 Details in budget
CAS200 Cost center analysis
CAS201 Cost center analysis
CCHKACA Check access authorization for accounting dimensions
CMMNGXML Information browser
CMS100 Information browser
CMS990 Information browser
GLMNGBAL Manage GL balance file
GLS039 Error transactions
GLS096 Petty cash - Entries
GLS180 External reconciliation
GLS185 Internal reconciliation
GLS200 Voucher number
GLS210 Details in general ledger
GLS211 Transaction in general ledger
GLS215 Balance file
GLS217 Period analysis
GLS218 Balance file information
GLS220 GL. Display Stmnt of Account
GLS221 Contra Account Entry. Accounts Payable
GLS222 Contra Account Entry. Accounts Receivable
GLS506 Revision - printout
GLS512 Balance lists
GLS523 Profit and loss report
GLS526 General ledger - printout
GLS536 Account specification - crt opening
GLS537 Account specification - crt detail
GLS900 Reversing of journals - start pgm
MTS072 CCHKACA - Check access authority for acc item
RGS651 Report generator - select

Check access authorization for budgets – CCHKACB

CCHKACB uses parameter list cPLCHKAB. cPLCHKAB is used by the following programs:

Program name Description
BUS100 Budget definition
BUS100MI Budget definition interface
BUS101 Budget entry
BUS110 Decentralized budget
BUS120 Prop/upd create next years budget
BUS140 Prop/upd currency simulation
BUS160 Activity plan
BUS170 Resource plan
BUS200 Details in budget
CAS160 Create fixed/variable budget
CAS260 Resource Driver. Calculate Rate
CCHKACB Check access authorization for budgets
GLS215 Balance file
GLS217 Period analysis
GLS218 Balance file information
GMS220 Group accounting, proposal for transfer to FC
PCS480 Financial transfer proposal
PCS490 Financial transfer proposal
PCS495 Budgeting maintenance proposal
PCS495MI Budgeting maintenance proposal
POS149 Budgeting maintenance proposal

Check access authorization for company – CCHKACC

CCHKACC uses parameter list cPLCHKCC. cPLCHKCC is used by the following programs:

Program name Description
CCHKACC Check access authorization for Company
DCS001MI Interface to DC
PMS055MI MO backflush
SOS941 Create service order job header from SOS100MI
SOS942 Manage service order lines from SOS100MI
SOS943 Create service order job header from SOS100MI
SOS944 Add meter reading from SOS100MI
SPS100MI Retrieve SCP versions

Check access authorization for divisions – CCHKACD

CCHKACD uses parameter list cPLCHKAD. cPLCHKAD is used by the following programs:

Program Description Program Description
AAS300 Standard Audit File. Create CRS691MI Bank branches
AAS350Fnc Manage Journal Entry Report CRS692 Bank accounts
AAS370 Accounts Receivable Audit Report. Start CRS725 CSYPAR/Stock interest parameters
AAS640 Electronic Chart Of Account Report CRS730 CSYPAR/Special order cost
AAS640Fnc Manage Electronic Chart Of Account Report CRS736 CSYPAR/Accounting error method
ABS010 Transaction type CRS750 CSYPAR/Parameters for GL entry
ABS020 Business transaction code CRS750MI GL parameters
ABS100 Bank Statement. Open CRS780 CSYPAR/Purchase parameters
ABS900 Bank identities CRS900 System calendar
ABS910 Settings - Scenario number priority CRS940 Document text header
ABS911 Scenario Number. Open CRS945 Partner reference
ABS920 Payment variance control CSS090 Filing attributes - select
ABS930 Additional information structure DRS045MI Time zone
ABS940 Text identifier DRS151 Shipment package details
APS010 Trade code EMU090 Parameters for access authorization check
APS015 Specify Bank Fee / Supplier Payment ENS105 Eco-Transaction. Submit
APS030 AP bank quotas EVS002MI Send table data
APS035 Company information for tax reporting EVS040 Subscriber
APS037 Supplier Tax. Open Exemption Letter FAMNGCAF API fixed assets
APS060 AP Standard Document. Open FAMNGDIS Disposal of fixed assets
APS062 AP Standard documents Text FAS001 Fixed assets
APS064 Debit note reason code FAS015 Print depreciation
APS080 Payment Stop FAS025 Coefficient for declining method
APS085 Void Code / Check FAS026 Coefficient for declining method
APS090 Bank account connections FAS045 Column templates for list
APS095 Recurring Payments Header FAS100 Prop/upd Depreciations - select
APS098 Payment tolerance AP FAS105 MACRS Proposal/update depreciation - select
APS100 Record Supplier Invoice FAS110 Asset revaluation
APS110 Recode Supplier Invoice FAS120 Prop/upd Cost of capital calc - sel
APS112 Supplier invoices, accounting FAS130 Sales of assets
APS115 Recode Supplier Invoice FAS140 Accelerated depreciations - select
APS120 Enter Manual Supplier Payment FAS145 Scrap of assets - select
APS121 Supplier payments FAS151 Physical count of assets
APS130 Supplier Payment Proposal FAS155 Physical count of assets - changes
APS130MI MI-program for APS130 FAS160 Assets in work - select
APS131 Payment proposal - Proposal creation FAS170 Prop/upd Budgets - select
APS137 Payment proposal - Chg/Dsp FAS175 Transfer cost of capital to budget
APS145 Change Check Number FAS190 Year end routine - select
APS147 Check FAS200 Fixed Assets
APS175 Drafts confirmation and tick-off FAS210 Value information
APS176 Drafts reconciliation (detail level) FAS220 Value information
APS190 Report Bank Confirmation / Supplier Payment FAS230 Fixed Asset. Display Vouchers
APS200 Accounts Payable FAS310 Assets mirror list - select
APS201 Single invoice FAS500 Fixed assets catalog - select
APS205 Supplier Invoice / Invoice Number FAS510 Value reports - select
APS210 AP Statement of Account FAS520 Periods changes - select
APS215 Separate Supplier Invoice FAS530 Assets mirror list - select
APS216 Extra information for an AP invoice FAS550 Detailed value list - select
APS217 Payment reconciliation FAS560 Insurance reports - select
APS220 Supplier Invoice / Due Date FAS565 Print 5 years history of fixed asset groups
APS225 Accounts Payable Balance FAS700 Standard voucher header
APS226 AP balance file - period analysis/payee FAS701 Payment proposal
APS227 AP balance file / payee/supplier FAS703 Standard voucher header
APS228 AP balance file - period analysis/supplier FAS800 Automatic generation of depreciation plan
APS230 Nonauthorized Supplier Invoice FAS805 Move depr adjustment to extraordinary
APS235 Separate Supplier Invoice FAS845 Depreciation Plan Simulation. Select Op
APS240 Payment Stopped Supplier Invoice FAS950 Recalculation FA files - values & historic
APS245 Reconciliation number FCFMDEPI Cash flow model - Elements PI
APS250 Accounts Payable Additional Info FCFMDHPI Cash flow model - Header PI
APS251 Extra information detail FCFMDIPI Cash flow model - Acc range PI
APS300 AP Checkbook FCFMDLPI Cash flow model - Lines PI
APS301 AP Check book - details FCFVERPI Cash flow model - Version PI
APS310 Stop Old Check GLMNGACC Manage GL accountings
APS315 Update Batch Cashed Check GLMNGBAL Manage GL Balance file
APS375 Supplier invoice. Auto Match GR Line GLS005 Parameters for access authorization check
APS380 Non accepted draft payment - Open GLS010 Value date calculation method
APS401 Statem of acc - select GLS030 Account Translation Scenario. Open
APS425 Service code per payments GLS031 Translation scenario. Details
APS426 Supplier Tax Report. Display Deductions GLS037 Error jobs
APS431 Supplier TAX reporting - select GLS047 Restart of file FCR040
APS450 Supplier invoice batch GLS060 Distribution base table - header
APS450Fnc Manage Supplier invoice batch GLS061 Distribution base table - details
APS450MI Supplier invoice batch GLS062 Distribution target table – header
APS451Fnc Manage Supplier invoice batch - lines GLS063 Distribution target table – details
APS452Fnc Manage Supplier invoice batch - Reject history GLS064 Distribution selection table – header
APS453Fnc Manage Supplier invoice batch - Additional information GLS065 Distribution select table - details
APS454Fnc Manage GCM settlement GLS070 Accounts distribution template
APS455Fnc Supplier Invoice Batch - Select Operation GLS071 Accounts distribution elements
APS460 GRNI round proposal GLS095 Petty cash entry
APS470 Pre Payments lines GLS100 Journal entries
APS500 Accounts Payable GLS120 Accounting, called from various functions
APS505 Supplier Invoice Specification GLS130 Prop/upd Acc distribution - select
APS510 AP Statement of Account GLS140 Prop/upd Accounts allocation - select
APS515 AP Payment Forecast/Age Distribution GLS150 Fnc Official renumeration of Entries
APS520 Nonauthorized Supplier Invoice GLS155 Offical Renumeration of Entries
APS525 AP Clearing Account GLS160 Unrealized currency gain
APS530 Accounts Payable Balance GLS170 Recurring journal voucher
APS540 Payment Stopped Supplier Invoice GLS180 External reconciliation
APS545 Reconciliation number - select GLS180MI MI program for GLS180
APS550 Payee Turnover GLS185 Internal reconciliation
APS555 Supplier Tax. Print Details GLS190  
APS565   GLS195  
APS570 Recurring payments printout GLS200 Voucher number
APS575 Payment register - select GLS210 Details in general ledger
APS580 Purchase Order. Print Rcvd/Not invoiced GLS211 Transaction in general ledger
APS585 Supplier invoice. Print Invoicd/Not Rcvd GLS215 Balance file
APS590 Segment reporting GLS217 Period analysis
APS610 Purchase book - select GLS218 Balance file information
APS900 Settings - Supplier Invoice Match GLS220 GL. Display Stmnt of Account
APS905 Settings - Accounts Payable GLS221 Contra Account Entry. Accounts Payable
APS910 Year-end routine for AP bal file GLS222 Contra Account Entry. Accounts Receivable
APS915 Del GLS250 Extra information numbers
APS920 AP Invoice Class. Update GLS251 GL extra info details
APS998 Reminding function GLS470 Accounts allocation table
ARS007 Interest rates GLS471 General remove of records
ARS015 Payment cost table GLS475 Specification of period accounts
ARS016 With reasons - debit notes GLS480 Period accounting table
ARS040 Batch payments GLS505 Revision - select
ARS050 Standard letters - text GLS510 Balance lists
ARS052 Bill back types GLS515 Specification of contra accounting
ARS055 Payment reminder stop GLS520 Profit and loss report
ARS060 Reserve for doubtful debts - periods GLS525 General ledger - select
ARS065 Reserve for doubtful debts - rates GLS535 Account specification - select
ARS075 Batch payment types GLS615 Inventory Books. Print
ARS090 Payment pattern interval range GLS625 Daily Ledger
ARS098 Payment tolerance GLS630 Daily Ledger Official Number
ARS100 Customer invoice entry GLS635 Balance 8 Columns. Print
ARS105 Payment documents entry GLS680 Structure analysis
ARS107 Delete records in work file FAR106 GLS690 Balance keys
ARS110 Payment receipts Start pgm GLS800 Filing to history ledgers - select
ARS112 Payment receipts GLS820 Filing templates, header
ARS113 Payment receipts: Cash discount GLS830 Filing types
ARS118 Payment receipts Full-screen GLS840 Interface Definition
ARS120 Manual customer invoice entry GLS840MI MI program for GLS840
ARS122 Manual customer invoicing - re-print GLS841 Interface Definition
ARS125 Debit notes GLS850 FAM interface definition
ARS130 Prop GLS900 Reversing of journals - start pgm
ARS141 Statement of acc - select GLS905 Year end routine for bal file - start
ARS151 Reminders - select GLS915 Tfr acc. am. to bal. file - start program
ARS160 Interest inv GLS920 Tfr bud am.
ARS161 Interest inv - select GLS930 Delete records in bal file - start pgm
ARS171 Collection - select GLS935 Fnc: Rebuild Voucher Head
ARS181 Advices - select GLS940 Analyze GL balance file
ARS190 Group invoices - job GLS960 Control of voucher number - select
ARS191 Grouping of invoices - select GLS975 Balance control of journal
ARS200MI Customer invoice GLS980 GL balance file control - select
ARS201 Change invoice GLS985 Close Year Definitively
ARS205 Invoice sequence GLS990 Period ending
ARS210 Statement of account GLS995 Prop
ARS215 Separate invoice GMS200 Suggestion for transfer to Group company
ARS216 AR extra info for one transaction GMS210 Group accounting, proposal for trf
ARS217 Payment reconciliation GMS220 Group accounting, proposal for trf to FC
ARS220 Due dates MFS010 CSYPAR
ARS225 AR balance file MFS015 Text to internal invoicing
ARS226 AR balance file - period analysis MFS020 Division group
ARS227 AR balance file - customer MFS055 Currency codes local exceptions
ARS228 AR balance file - period analysis MFS100 Internal invoices
ARS230 Revised due dates MFS101 Internal invoices - select
ARS240 Stopped invoices MFS167 CSYPAR/Invoice numbering
ARS245 Reconciliation number MFS610 Customer local exceptions
ARS250 Extra information numbers MFS620 Supplier local exceptions
ARS251 Extra information detail MMS185 Filing - DO
ARS260 Payer MNS100 Division
ARS270 Payment pattern MNS151 Responsible
ARS280 Customer drafts inquiry MNS204 Output server definition
ARS300 Bank remittance - Select MNS205 Stream file definition
ARS300MI MI program for ARS300 MNS205MI Output media selection
ARS320 Postdated check allocation MNS212 Output media selection
ARS321 Postdated check create proposal MNS220 Job definition
ARS325 Postdated check proposal MNS600 My Recent History
ARS326 Postdated check invoice MOS140MI Print Work Order
ARS330 Customer risk cancellation MTS070 CCHKACD - Check access authority for division
ARS340 Unpaid checks OIS085 Filing - deleted orders - select
ARS350 Validated remittances OIS090 Filing - orders - select
ARS360 Doubtful invoices OIS095 Filing - invoices - select
ARS370 Non accepted draft payment - Open OIS124 Invoice - select
ARS380 Create invoices from payment plan - selection OIS151 Invoice - Parameters select
ARS381 Create invoices from payment plan - selection OIS180 Invoice - select
ARS390 Payment plans OIS196 Transfer transactions to FAM - select
ARS430 Customer checks information OIS215 Cash sales - Open payment
ARS450 Direct debiting agreement OIS217 Cash sales - Cash desk management
ARS452 Parameters for mail OIS218 Transfer transactions to FAM - select
ARS460 Direct debiting agreement OIS350 Invoice header inquiry
ARS470 GRNI round proposal OIS360 Invoice account inquiry
ARS500 Sales ledger, cust no - select OIS530 Price list - select
ARS505 Sales ledger, invoice no - select OIS605 Order acknowledgement - select
ARS510 Statements list - select OIS610 Letter of excuse - select
ARS515 Payment forecast OIS650 Select order for invoice
ARS520 AR balance report OIS660 Customer order overview - select
ARS525 Credit limit - select OIS670 Delivered not invoiced - select
ARS540 Blocked invoices - select OIS680 Copy invoice - select
ARS545 Reconciliation number - select OIS686 Calc & update trade statistics
ARS550 Customer turnover - select OIS690 Coding specification
ARS565 Payment register - select OIS691 Update sales statistic
ARS570 Payment plans printout OIS952 Copy invoice - select
ARS590 Segment reporting OPS080 Filing - sales ticket entry - selec
ARS600 Batch payments - downloading of payments OPS090 Filing - sales ticket finance - sel
ARS605 AR Trial Balance Print OPS270 Batch sales ticket - select
ARS610 Sales Book. Print OPS275 POS Sales Ticket. Open
ARS905 Settings - Account Receivable OPS280 Sales ticket entry - select
ARS910 Year end routine for AR bal file OPS500 Store
ARS915 Del OSS080 Filing - sales stat
ARS920 AR Invoice Class. Update OSS401 Statistics & budget data sets
ARS955 AR bank quotas OSS650 Service level
ATS640 Filing attributes - select PCS420 RD Rate. Transfer From Resource Driver
AUTCHKMI Check authorization PCS480 Financial transfer proposal
BUS001 Budget calculation template PCS490 Financial transfer proposal
BUS002 Budget calculation template elements PCS495 Budgeting maintenance proposal
BUS003 Budget calculation template element lines PDS640 Filing configuration - select
BUS005 Distribution template POS062MI Open
BUS006 Distribution elements POS063MI Start
BUS010 Activities POS095 Archive project invoices
BUS011 Connection resource - activity POS100MI Project structure
BUS015 Resources POS111MI Project budget
BUS016 Cost components per resource POS149 Budgeting maintenance proposal/update
BUS035 Budget officer POS180 Invoice - select
BUS036 Available resources POS211MI Time planning lines
BUS100 Budget definition POS291MI Material budget - lines
BUS100MI Budget definition Interface POS400 Filing project - select
BUS110 Decentralized budget POS994 Selective updates - select
BUS160 Activity plan PPS098 Order types EPR
BUS170 Resource plan PPS114 FAM function connect to supplier
BUS200 Details in budget PPS118 Self-billing log
CAS006 Resource driver units version PPS127 Generate Supplier Claim Invoice
CAS007 Resource driver rate version PPS430 Parameters - Vendor statistics
CAS015 Cost of capital table - select PPS435 Creation of vendor statistics - Select
CAS020 Stock valuation accounting conversion PPS440 Vendor statistics
CAS030 WIP valuation accounting conversion PPS520 Supplier Claim Reconciliation. Print Document
CAS041 Resource Driver - Enter Connection PPS860 Supplier statistic - select
CAS050 Cost center model PPS970 Commitments - select
CAS060 Order costing balance file key QQS500 Stock reconciliation
CAS080 Analytical Accounting Aggregated Balance File key QUS605 Quotation Print Confirmation
CAS110 Prop RGS010 User for report distribution
CAS130 Internal allocation - select RGS220 Users for report distribution
CAS150 Warranty fund valuation - head RGS600 FAM report generator
CAS160 Create fixed RGS650 Report generator - select
CAS170 WIP valuation – header RMS010 Action code
CAS180 Stock valuation – header RMS100 Letter of credit
CAS190 Stock valuation - detail RMS120 Future rate agreements
CAS200 Cost center analysis RMS200 Letter of credit connected to order
CAS201 Cost center analysis RMS400 DSO calculation - select
CAS210 Resource driver - Enter units RMS410 Create credit manager transaction - select
CAS220 Resource driver - Enter rates RMS420 Credit manager tool box - header
CAS250 Resource driver - Calculate units RMS421 Credit manager tool box - payer detail
CAS260 Resource Driver. Calculate rate RMS422 Credit manager tool box - invoice
CAS300 Internal account entry RMS430 Credit manager tool box - global
CAS303 Various accounting transactions RMS431 Credit manager tool box - total
CAS305 Post calculation - Maintenance RMS440 Tickler notes ID
CAS310 Order Costing. Display RMS530 Cust insurance overdue in time - select
CAS320 Release for order costing RMS535 Cust insurance overdue amount - select
CAS330 OC balance file RMS560 Currency exposure list AR
CAS375 Average Cost. Recalculate RMS565 Currency exposure list GL - select
CAS390 Work with model ID codes RMS900 Parameter - DSO calculation
CAS393 Batch invoice RMS905 Parameter - Credit manager tool box
CAS400 Historic actual price - Calculate RSS190 Archive delivery schedule
CAS410 Historic actual price - Line S1SX01 Update Direct Debiting Agreements
CAS411 Historic actual price - Result SAS090 Activate agreements - select
CAS413 FIFO/LIFO Display connected transactions SAS160 Prop
CAS420 Internal account entry SAS170 Accounts allocation table
CAS450 Create periodic account entries SAS410 Agreement type codes
CAS500 Internal accountings - select SAS450 Agreement rights items
CAS515 Control list, delivered not invoiced - OINACC SAS490  
CAS520 Reconc list, int del - del division SAS495  
CAS521 Reconc list, int del - del division SES003 Security
CAS525 Reconc list, int del - receiving div SES010 Security
CAS526 Reconc list, int del - receiving div SOS090 Activate orders - select
CAS530 Stock reconciliation SOS095 Filing - invoices - select
CAS535 Order Costing SOS180 Invoice - select
CAS550 Order costing SOS270 Information
CAS900 CSYPAR SOS388 Service batch-order parameters
CAS905 Year end routine for bal file - Order costing SOS408 Service item identity
CAS910 Order Costing Bal File. Update SOS410 Error symptom code
CAS915 Analytic AC - Bal File. Update w Outcome SOS411 Error code
CAS920 Year end routine for bal file - Analytical accounting SOS412 Measure code
CAS950 Create internal accountings SOS414 Measure text code
CAS951 MITTRA - Create internal accountings and upd SOS420 Zone code
CAS960 Transfer internal acc. to FAM - select SOS422 Service responsible
CAS968 Order costing analysis SOS450 Order-kit-header
CAS970 Filing of internal accountings - select SOS465 Popular numbers
CAS980 Filing of order costing - select SOS490 Qualification
CCHKACD Check access authorization for divisions SOS491 Geographic area
CFS010 Cash flow conversion table, header SOS492 Connect technician to geographic area
CFS015 Cash distribution table, header SOS493 Connect qualification
CFS100 Create cash flow budget from budget - select SOS495 Technician competence
CFS200 Cash flow model versions SOS580 Parts warranty
CFS205 Cash flow model version SOS585 Machine warranty
CFS206 Cash flow model version - Line and date STS380 Revenue accruals - Proposal
CFS210 Cash flow model version - Opening balances STS390 Daily flash report - select
CFS211 Cash flow model version - Op bal.... acc level STS450 Order kit header
CFS220 Cash flow model version - General disp detail STS455 STR Package Structure Header
CFS230 Cash flow model version - Disp overdue inv STS652 Create rental statistics utilization
CFS235 Cash flow model version - Blocked inv STS655 Update rental statistics utilization
CMMNGXML Information Browser STS672 Update rental statistics utilization
CMS065 Business process STS800 Create STR invoice proposal - select
CMS100 Information Browser TAS001 Project
CMS100MI Information Browser MI TAS002 Project activity
CMS990 Browse with search TAS003 Connect activity project
COMNGAPPR Check and Approve MCO line TAS005 Labor code
COS180 Invoice - select TAS010 Prices, header
COS180MI   TAS015 Labor code templates, header
COS196 Transfer transactions to FAM - select * TAS020 Labor code group
COS370 Credit - select TAS025 Personal category
COS605MI Order confirmation TAS030 Labor code category
COS680 Copy Invoice - select TAS040 Area
COS685 Preliminary Invoice - select TAS045 Approval identity
COS690 Quotation - select TAS050 Authorization identity
COS691 Update sales statistic TAS055 Column template for dsp of balance file TA
CRCCINMI Manage credit card transactions TAS100 Entry of timesheets
CRS008 Facility TAS110 Approval – header
CRS030 VAT code TAS111 Approval - lines
CRS031 VAT code percentage TAS115 Approval - lines
CRS055MI Currency code TAS120 Prop/upd Time acc. Recs. To GL - select
CRS056 Exchange rate type TAS130 Prop/upd Invoice - select
CRS057 Currency rates TAS140 Prop/upd Time acc. Recs. To PA - select
CRS167 Report number series TAS150 Complete internal transactions - select
CRS240 EC transaction codes TAS200 Balance values from OTSALD
CRS388 Object value translations TAS210 Detailed time transactions
CRS395 Accounting rule TAS500 Time reports - select
CRS397 Accounting setup - Select TAS510 Employee list - select
CRS405 FAM function TAS520 Project list - select
CRS407 FAM function connect to order type TAS525 Cost center list - select
CRS408 Accounting books TAS530 Time rep./ voucher - select
CRS409 Invoice Class. Open TAS540 Time rep. Held
CRS410 Voucher number series TAS800 Filing time reports - select
CRS411 Petty cash parameters TAS900 CSYPAR/Installation parameters
CRS412 FAM Function exceptions TAS901 Invoice level/ customer
CRS416 CSYTAB/Labels for GLS516PF report type 3 TAS910 Delete/ transfer bal. file - start pgm
CRS418 Program Problem. Solve TXS001 VAT Reporting. Connect MI Transactions
CRS431 Monetary union status TXS010 Trade code
CRS432 Monetary union currencies TXS015 Business type per country
CRS433 Counter-value printout TXS020 VAT exemptions
CRS436 Credit card capture TXS025 Simulate VAT decision
CRS450 Allocation masks TXS030 Fiscal representative
CRS455 Reference groups TXS035 Electronic EU sales/purcase report
CRS530 Employees TXS050 Tax code exemption
CRS587 PCM Integration, parameters TXS100 VAT report generator
CRS600 Trade Statistics - select TXS115 Create VAT on payment voucher
CRS630 Chart of accounts file TXS130 EU sales/purchase proposal - update
CRS632 Accounting identities - language TXS132 EU SALES/Purchase balance file
CRS633 Account groups TXS136 EU SALES/Purchase proposal
CRS635 Pseudo identities TXS137 EU SALES/Purchase proposal Detail
CRS636 Pseudo code - select TXS140 Annual VAT report proposal - update
CRS640 Accounting item - select TXS145 Annual VAT report proposal - line
CRS648 Structure definitions - select TXS146 Annual VAT report proposal - lines
CRS650MI GL parameters TXS147 Annual VAT report proposal - detail
CRS655 Approval code - select TXS300 Trade statistics
CRS663 Related service code TXS305 Freight adjustment factor
CRS664 Connect related service code TXS320 Subcontracting dist. order types
CRS667 Withholding Percentage. Define per Date TXS330 Calc & update Intrastat on goods movements
CRS690 Banks TXS340 Calc & update Intrastat on purchase orders
CRS690MI Banks TXS350 Calc & update Intrastat on distribution
CRS691 Bank branches TXS500 Sales tax reports - s

Check access authorization for facilities – CCHKACF

CCHKACF uses parameter list cPLCHKAF. cPLCHKAF is used by the following programs:

Program Description Program Description
APS352 Supplier Invoice. Receive Goods OIS409 Bonus substitution hierarchy
APS370 Purchase Order. Reconcile Recd/Not Invd OIS412 Bonus agreements
AUTCHKMI Check Authority OIS415 Bonus payout
CAS170 WIP valuation - header OIS605 Order acknowledgement - select
CAS250 Resource driver - Calculate units OIS610 Letter of excuse - select
CAS300 Internal Account Entry OIS650 Select order for invoice
CAS310 Order Costing. Display OIS850 Planning items
CAS315 MO Operations OIS855 Cust agreement lines
CAS320 Release for Order Costing OIS909 Delete customer order line
CAS370 Average Cost. Enter per Item/Facility OOHEADPI Customer order header procedure interface
CAS371 Average Cost. Display/Update History OOLINEPI Customer order lines procedure interface
CAS380 Average Cost. Enter per Attribute OPS010 Item replication trigger settings
CAS412 Historic Average Cost. Display History OPS270 Batch sales ticket - select
CAS420 Internal Account Entry OPS275 Sales ticket batch entry
CAS550 Order Costing OPS280 Sales ticket entry - select
CAS570 Average cost print history OPS610 POS item batch - select
CAS975 Filing of stock transaction history OPS615 POS customer batch - select
CBS120 Available Technician OPS616 POS price batch - select
CCHKACF Check access authorization for Facilities OPS617 POS promotion batch - select
CMMNGXML Information Browser OPS618 POS user batch - select
CMS100 Information Browser OPS619 POS tables batch - select
CMS100MI Information Browser MI OPS650MI Print label
CMS990 Browse with search OSS401MI Forecast calculation
COMNGAPPR Check and Approve MCO line OSS450 Lost sales
COS014 Work Center Prices OSS650 Service level
COS100 Maint CO PCS011 Component data
COS120 Block code on customer order PCS012 Cost center amount
COS130 MCO Quick Entry PCS016 Element data
COS150 Report MCO Expenses PCS100 Work centers - Costing data
COS180 Invoice - select PCS105 Tools - Cost data
COS180MI MI Template PCS115 Material
COS270 Batch order select PCS120 Product overhead
COS275 Customer batch order - header PCS145 Basic costing data
COS300 Maint CO - Report Component Receipt PCS150 Warning exceptions
COS343 Add operations to work order PCS155 Costing texts
COS350 Invoice header PCS160 Target costing data
COS410 Maint Agmnt PCS165 Target costing - Mass update PCS315
COS414 Maintenance agreement - WC prices PCS200 Product costing calculation - select
COS610 Create MCO for Invoicing - select PCS210 Product costing calculation - total
COS620 Reset Created MCO - select PCS220 Product costing calculation - where used
COS650 Print Monitoring Report PCS230 Product costing calculation-Variants
COS685 Preliminary Invoice - select PCS235 Product costing calculation - Services
CPS050 Create CRP - select PCS240 Product costing calculation - Manufact orders
CPS100 Load PCS245 Product costing calculation - Mainten. orders
CPS105 Pegged load requirement PCS260 Product Costing - Manual update
CPS110 Product load profile PCS265 Actual cost update/display
CPS115 Over/under load PCS270 Delete product costing calculations
CPS120 Over/under load PCS275 Copy product costing calculations
CPS160 Person Load PCS280 Calculate purchase costing
CPS600 Capacity and load survey - select PCS290 Update standard price in item
CPS610 Department cost report - select PCS300 Item costing
CPS615 Tool requirement planning report - select PCS301 Item costing - Materials and operations
CPS990 Recreate workload - select PCS303 Item costing model
CRS008 Facility PCS304 Cost difference analyze
CRS530 Employees PCS306 Sales/Costing simulation
CRS545 Authority PCS310 Item costing with attributes
DPS001 Warehouse distribution relation table PCS315 Currency analysis
DPS170 Distribution order proposal PCS325 Costing warnings
DPS600 Planned distribution order report - select PCS330 Target costing follow up
DPS610 Distribution planning report - select PCS410 Product costing analysis - select
DRS100 Shipment PCS420 RD Rate. Transfer From Resource Driver
ECS001 CAD integration - header PCS440 Calculation of material overheads
ECS001BE CAD integration - header PCS460 Cost driver units - Tools
ECS301 Service/facility PCS470 Cost driver units - Product
ECS422 Engineering change order detail PDS001BE Product structures
ECS422BE Engineering change order detail PDS010 Planning groups
EDS001 Stock Locations PDS011 Resource relations
FCS001 Forecasting PDS014 Work center - shift
FCS010 Forecasting alarm PDS015 Planning groups capacity
FCS020 Manual adjustment PDS020 Transport time table
FCS040 Forecast in graphic PDS022 Sequential setup times
FCS100 Create forecast - start pgm PDS030 Shifts
FCS105 Forecast Competition - select PDS031 Shift models
FCS200 Forecasting alarm - select PDS032 Shift model lines
FCS210 Forecasting items - select PDS033 Shift patterns
FCS330 Daily forecast distribution table PDS034 Shift pattern lines
FCS330MI Forecast distribution table interface PDS035 Alternate operation identity
FCS331 Daily forecast distribution PDS036 Shift pattern adjustments
FCS366MI Planning entity PDS038 Work center - Disturbance
FCS410 Family items details PDS045 Work center - item
FCS425 Budget transfer to item forecast -select PDS060 Variance numbers
FCS430 Manual forecasts - select PDS100 Contain of analysis
FCS450 Update comparing forecasts - select PDS103 Summarized bill-of-material
FCS460 Comparing forecasts - select PDS105 Lead time analyse total
FCS480 Retrieve history PDS110 Where used analyses
FCS490 Delete period forecast and/or weekly forecast PDS120 Lead time
LIS100 Specification heads PDS200 Lead time calc, sel products - select
LIS105 Specification language part PDS210 Renumber sel structure - select
LIS200 Inspection lot report heads PDS350 Calc and update the BOM with option - select
LIS205 Inspection lot report language part PDS500 Planning groups - select
LIS220 Stock Locations PDS520 Contain of analysis - select
LIS610 Specifications - select PDS525 Summary contain of analysis - select
LIS650 Inspection lot report PDS530 Product database structure - select
LIS660 Certificate PDS540 Config
LTS100 Leasing Agreement - header PDS550 Difference between config
LTS100MI API interface Leasing Agreement Head PDS560 Create MPDSUM - select
LTS200 Funding PDS570 Lead time analysis total - select
LTS200MI Leasing Funding PDS605 Configuration header
LTS350 Invoices inquiry PDS630 Where used
LTS610 Agreements documents PDS960 Generate capacity records - select
LTS670 Post calculation PMS001 Register work orders
LTS800 Create Leasing invoice proposals - Select PMS001BE Register work orders
LTS810 Leasing proposals - headers PMS010 Change work order date and quantity
MCS300 Create performance measurement PMS010BE Change work order date and quantity
MCS330 Operation deviations PMS012 MO summary document - select
MCS340 Material usage deviations PMS016 Work order header
MCS610 Material issue service level PMS020 Change work order operation Date and quantity
MFS101 Internal invoices - select PMS030 Delete of work order
MHS200 Item toolbox PMS040 Component availability check
MHS800MI Expected receipt download PMS050 Report manufacturing stock entrance
MMCPYSTA Copy item statistics PMS050BE Report manufacturing stock entrance
MMMNGMOV Manage location movement PMS050MI Manufact Order. Report Receipt
MMMNGPOS Manage external sales transaction PMS055 MO split
MMMNGRCL Reclassification PMS055MI  
MMMNGTRA Manage inventory transactions PMS060 MO reporting - Issues
MMS002 Items PMS060MI Manufact Order. Report Issue
MMS003 Items PMS070 MO reporting - Operations
MMS005 Warehouses PMS070MI MO Operation. Report
MMS010 Stock locations PMS080 Report by-products manufacturing order
MMS011 Preferred buffer location PMS080MI Report by-products manufacturing order
MMS012 Stock location statistics PMS085 Inspection results
MMS040 Stock area PMS085MI MO report inspection results
MMS045 Weight limits PMS086 Inspection results
MMS057 Stock location type PMS090 Report co-products manufacturing order
MMS060 Detailed item balances PMS090MI API for report co-product
MMS065 Item location PMS095 Operation transactions
MMS071 Stock transaction history PMS100 Manufacturing order
MMS080 Material plan PMS101 WO material and operation
MMS081 Availability for all warehouses PMS105 MO material scrap reporting
MMS085 Simulate availability for material PMS140 Work order header
MMS087 Material Plan. Display Delayed Issues PMS170 Work order proposal
MMS090 Item statistics PMS190 Filing - work order - select
MMS093 Safety stock control table PMS230 Work center scheduling
MMS100 Stock transactions PMS233 Tool requirements
MMS100BE Stock transactions PMS240 Work order documents - select
MMS101 Stock transactions lines PMS250 Work order document one by one
MMS101BE Stock transactions lines PMS280 Update MO for changed product structure
MMS105 Container movement PMS300 Create performance measurement
MMS125 Crt GST fr location replenishments - select PMS312 Production statistics printout
MMS170 Location replenishments PMS317 Production statistics printout
MMS175 Movement. Change Loc - Item PMS320 Scrap analysis - select
MMS175BE Movement. Change Loc - Item PMS330 Operation deviations
MMS180 Move all between locations PMS338 MO operation average statistics
MMS200 Item toolbox PMS340 Material usage deviations
MMS215 Can be required items PMS348 MO material average statistics
MMS220 Simulation PMS352 Production statistics printout
MMS240 Serial number PMS354 Selection - MO Operation Statistics
MMS245 External owner PMS356 MO Material Statistics
MMS290 Item statistics summary PMS400 Operations report
MMS300 Stocktake – header PMS600 MO costing
MMS301 Stocktake - detail PMS605 WIP calculation
MMS306 Stocktake - detail PMS610 Run schedule - select
MMS310 Quick inventory counting PMS620 Work order survey - select
MMS350 Mass update planning values MITBAL - select PMS625 Work center scheduling - select
MMS355 Calculate planning time fence PMS640 Mass deletion of work orders - select
MMS360 Reclassification - CW PMS670 Planned manufacturing order report - select
MMS405 Item - Picking times PMS680 Update material check on planned MO - select
MMS425 Order line completion control PPS080 Quality control task
MMS515 Excess calculation - select PPS116 Create self-billing invoice - select
MMS520 Delete calculation - select PPS170 Purchase order proposal
MMS525 Excess materials - select PPS180 PO requisition
MMS530 Calculation - Item status PPS200 Purchase order header
MMS595 Update order quantity PPS201 Purchase order lines
MMS600 ABC volume - select PPS220 PO lines
MMS610 Stock turnover - select PPS290 Procurement costing calc.
MMS615 Safety-stock and order - point - select PPS295 Procurement cost model
MMS620 Max-stock and EOQ - select PPS300 Goods receipt
MMS625 Stock location - select PPS310 Quality inspection
MMS635 Qty on hand total - select PPS320 Stock receipt
MMS640 Qty on hand detail - select PPS320Fnc  
MMS645 GST status report - select PPS330 PO transactions
MMS655 Stock transaction history - select PPS360 Delivery notes
MMS665 Item date analysis - select PPS365 Delivery note files check
MMS670 ABC contribution analysis - select PPS390 Receiving claim
MMS675 ABC frequency analysis - select PPS390MI Receiving claim Interface
MMS680 Item statistics - select PPS450 Purchase statistics
MMS685 Availability survey - select PPS460 Delivery time detail
MMS690 Calc location replenishment values - select PPS461 Delivery time summary
MMS695 Kanban cards - select PPS600 Purchase order - select
MMS805 Item statistic, period calc - select PPS605 Purchase order inquiry - select
MMS820 Change item single stock location PPS615 Delivery schedules - select
MMS824 Changes of container management PPS620 Purchase order status report - select
MMS830 Update fixed annual demand - select PPS635 PO inquiry status report - select
MMS917 Remove planned orders - select PPS640 PO follow-up report - select
MOS001 Register work orders PPS650 Exp follow-up - select
MOS010 Change WO date and quantity PPS660 Del follow-up - select
MOS020 Change work order operation Date and QTY PPS665 Purchase delivery remainder - select
MOS030 Delete WO PPS670 Purchase confirmation remainder - select
MOS031 Change facility on WO PPS675 Purchase inquiry remainder - select
MOS040 Material shortage analysis & allocation PPS680 Internal lead time follow up - select
MOS050 Report WO closure PPS685 Transport lead time follow up - select
MOS050BE Work Order. Close PPS820 Receiving claim notes - select
MOS055 WO split PPS865 Price evaluation - select
MOS060 MO Reporting - Issues PPS870 Delivery time - select
MOS070 WO operation reporting PPS875 Quality inspection analysis - select
MOS070MI Maintenance time report PPS880 Quality inspection statistics - select
MOS080 Report byproducts maintenance order PPS885 Claim report - select
MOS085 Inspection results PPS950 Mass update of agreement data - select
MOS085MI Inspections PPS955 PO update from agreements - select
MOS086 Inspection results QMS600 Certificate of analysis
MOS087 Permit report QMS610 Certificate of analysis
MOS087MI Permits QMS620 Lab order request
MOS095 Operation transactions QPS115 Quotation information
MOS100 Work order QPS600 Quotation order document - select
MOS110 WO structure RCS030 Resource structure header
MOS115 WO individuals RCS050 Create RCCP - select
MOS130 Work order scheduling RCS060 Create RCCP - select
MOS133 Tool requirements RCS100 Rough-cut load
MOS137 Planned work order scheduling RCS105 Pegged load requirement
MOS140 Work order documents - select RCS110 Product load profile
MOS140MI Print work order RCS115 Product group load profile
MOS146 Work order documents - select RCS120 Over/under load
MOS150 Work order document one by one RCS300 Create resource profile - select
MOS170 Planned work order RCS600 Capacity and load survey - select
MOS180 Released planned WO RPS001 Item
MOS189 Defer service RPS002 Item
MOS190 Filing - work order - select RPS005 Item
MOS195 W/C scheduling RPS030 Production rates
MOS196 Transfer planned work order RPS040 Inventory build-up
MOS197 W/C scheduling RPS045 Planning items
MOS199 Gantt schedule RPS045MI Planning entity
MOS290 Serialized item update RPS080 Point of time table
MOS301 Service RPS090 Sourcing rules
MOS306 Service prices RPS110 Line planning
MOS306MI Equipment Srl Item Meter Reading RPS115 Material plan - several items
MOS345 Service costing calculation RPS250 Start up supply chain order
MOS355 Costing related services RPS260 Preallocate Existing Order
MOS370 Create op plan from order proposal - select RPS300 Macro Order. Open
MOS600 WO costing RPS300MI Transfer macro orders to fashion
MOS605 WIP calculation RPS370 Recreate connections to macro
MOS615 Run schedule - select RPS390 Generate details for macro orders
MOS620 Work order survey - select RPS600 Master schedule report - select
MOS625 Planned schedule - select RPS605 Material requirement summary report - select
MOS630 Equipment printout RPS610 Master schedule report total - select
MOS640 Mass deletion of work orders - select RPS615 Stock projection report - select
MOS642 Manage Blanket workorders - select RPS620 Update annual demand and item statistics
MOS670 Planned maintenance order report - select RPS650 Move proposals from MRP-version to real dbase
MOS675 Maintenance order report - select RPS660 Recreate inventory build-up
MOS722 Manage Blanket workorders - select RPS676 Surplus inventory return facility
MOS800 Operations report RPS677 Surplus inventory return warehouse
MOS999 Regenerate master schedule RPS999 ERP calculation - select
MPS100 Retrieve forecast SAS100 Agreement header
MPS110 Copy MDS versions SAS100MI API for agreement header
MPS130 Copy MDS version to forecast SAS121 Meter price schedule - agreement
MPS140 Deletion of MDS version SAS122 Meter price schedule details - agreement
MPS400 Master demand plan - select SAS132 Create records in SPMACT from SPMINF
MPS410 Forecast differences - select SAS270 Create agreement proposal - select
MTS071 CCHKACF - Check access authority for facility SAS520 Agreement header
MTS080 CCHKACF - Check access authority for facility SAS525 Agreement locations
MWS030 Default picker SAS530 Agreement item lines
MWS060 Balance ID toolbox SAS550 Agreement - select
MWS070 Stock transaction history SAS600 Create agreement SO - select
MWS075 Cross-dock transaction history SAS610 Create SO from preventive service
MWS120 Pre-allocation SAS611 Create SO from prev service - print
MWS121 Pre-allocation SAS620 Recreate agreement - select
MWS130 Cross-dock put-away selection table SAS630 Update
MWS140 Outbound loading platform - Define SIS170 Planned Work Order
MWS170 Setting of picking guidelines SOS026 Update pricelist - select
MWS175 Picking list capacity SOS100 Service order
MWS178 Picking sequence SOS101 Individual items
MWS185 Cartonization selection table SOS105 Customer sites
MWS190 Ship-via Address. Define SOS106 Customer sites
MWS300 Req/Distr Order. Open Toolbox SOS110 Service order
MWS301 Req/Distr Order. Open Line Toolbox SOS120 Service order lines
MWS360 Unpack of packages SOS170 Exchange handling
MWS410 Delivery toolbox SOS180 Invoice - select
MWS415 Picking List. Plan Pickers SOS250 Quotation information
MWS420 Picking List. Report SOS330 Individual meter value report - header
MWS420MI Picking List SOS340 Meter transactions - Individual item
MWS423 Packing open SOS350 Invoice header
MWS424 Matrix. Report SOS375 Service batch-order header
MWS440 Goods receipt DO SOS388 Service batch-order parameters
MWS440MI Goods receipt DO SOS475 Planning of service order job number
MWS442 Inbound delivery toolbox SOS485 Gantt schedule
MWS443 Inbound packages DO SOS500 Individual transaction history
MWS444 Inbound package details DO SOS520 Service order header
MWS460 Pending Put-away. Perform SOS525 Service order job
MWS805 Item statistic, recreate inv stats from history SOS530 Service order lines
MYS410 Select deliveries for download SOS610 Service order - select
OIS101 Customer order Lines SOS650 Service order - feedback
OIS102 Customer order address SOS660 Service order - feedback job
OIS103 Customer order charges SOS820 Service Order. Print Documents
OIS115 Order approvals SOS950 Create service order header
OIS120 Block code on customer order SSHEADPI Service order header procedure interface
OIS130 Rescheduling of CO lines SSJOBHPI Service order assignment API
OIS143 Shortage management - alternative warehouses SSLINEPI Service order line API
OIS145 Procurement of CO lines STAGHEPI Rental agreement API
OIS150 Deliveries STS045 STR Generic item
OIS180 Invoice - select STS046MI Generic Item - Rental
OIS209   STS090 Archive agreement
OIS210 Cash desk STS100 Agreement header – Short-term rental
OIS211 Cash Desk. Connect Payment Method STS100MI Short term rental agreement head
OIS212 Cash Desk. Connect Users STS101 Agreement line short term
OIS215 Cash sales - Open payment STS130 Book in - Rental
OIS217 Cash sales - Cash desk management STS135 Book out - Rental
OIS221 Unpaid cash invoice - Select STS140 Rental Logistic toolbox
OIS223 Payment - Select STS220 Rental line detail open
OIS269 BO entry customer order address STS350 Rental invoices
OIS270 Batch order - select STS380 Revenue accruals - Proposal
OIS273 Customer order charges batch order STS390 Daily flash report - select
OIS275 Customer batch order header STS495 Rental Equipment Planning board. Open
OIS278 Batch order parameters STS610 Agreement document
OIS300 Customer order header inquiry STS650 Short term rental statistics
OIS301 Customer order line inquiry STS652 Create statistics utilization
OIS345 Price Margin. Simulate CO Line STS672 Create statistics utilization
OIS345MI Price Margin. Simulate CO Line STS800 Create Rental invoice proposal - select
OIS350 Invoice header inquiry STS810 Rental invoice proposals - headers
OIS355 Delivery header inquiry
OIS390 Customer returns    

Check access authorization for FAM functions – CCHKACG

CCHKACG uses parameter list cPLCHKAG. cPLCHKAG is used by the following programs:

Program name Description
APS100 Record supplier invoice
APS120 Enter manual supplier payment
APS202 Splitting invoices
ARS040 Batch payments
ARS100 Customer invoice entry
ARS105 Payment documents entry
ARS110 Payment receipts Start pgm
ARS120 Manual customer invoice entry
ARS191 Grouping of invoices
ARS202 Splitting invoices
ARS203 Manually customer invoice grouping
ARS380 Create invoices from payment plan - selection
CCHKACG Check access authorization for FAM function
CRS722 CSYPAR/Invoice parameters
FAS100 Prop
FAS105 MACRS proposal/update depreciation
FAS701 Transfer to derogatory
GLS038 Error jobs
GLS039 Error transactions
GLS095 Petty cash entry
GLS100 Journal entries
GLS200 Voucher number
GLS210 Details in general ledger

Check access authorization for resource driver – CCHKACR

CCHKACR uses parameter list cPLCHKAR. cPLCHKAR is used by the following programs:

Program name Description
CAS250 Resource driver - Calculate units
CAS260 Resource driver - Calculate rate
CCHKACR Check access authorization for resource driver

Check access authorization for OA group - CCHKAOA

CCHKAOA uses parameter list cPLCHKAO. cPLCHKAO is used by the following programs:

Program name Description
OIS325 Sales price simulation
OIS370 Bulk Order Batch. Open Toolbox
OIS410 Bonus status per recipient
OIS412 Bonus agreements
OIS414 Bonus allocation %
OIS530 Pricelist - select
OIS532 Price list report selection field
OIS534 Price list report column
OIS535 Price list report
OIS537 Price list report
OIS545 Delete price list report information
OIS812 Discount campaign scale
OIS820 Discount campaigns
OIS821 Discount campaign description
OIS840 Promotions
OIS841 Promotions lines
OIS860 Supplier rebate agreement
OIS860MI Supplier rebate agreement
OIS861 Supplier rebate agreements lines
OIS864 Sales price calc. elements rates
PPS100 Agreement
PPS101 Agreement lines
PPS285 Procurement cost ID
PPS285MI Purchase costing model and elements
PPS295 Display/simulate costing model
PPS531 Agreement doc - printout
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