WO operation time calculation - MOS930

The auto start job 'Calculate Operation Times' (MOS930) calculates time of reported operations in maintenance orders and/or work orders.

Programs that create records in the ASJ-table

Program Description
MOS880 Update of Maintenance order operation
MOS885 Start and stop of work group on Maintenance order operation

Input parameters - MOS930

Field name Description Size
DECONO Company number 3,0
DETRTY Transaction type 2
DESDAT Transaction date 8,0
DESTTE Transaction time 6,0
DECANO Card number 10,0
DEWOSQ Reporting number MO or WO 9,0
DEMXMO Transaction from Maintenance order 0/1 1,0
DEMXPM Transaction from Work order 0/1 1,0
DEJNA Job name 10
DERGDT Registration date 8,0
DERGTM Registration time 6,0
DECHID Changed by User 10
DETSTM Time mark 26

External parameters

Parameter Specified in
Settings - Reporting/facility MOS990
Time calculation method when reporting operation MOS991
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