MAN - M3 BE Manufacturing

MOP - Manufacturing Order Processing

'Manufact Order. File' (PMS190) is used to archive manufacturing orders.

Note: Only manufacturing orders in status 90 and that have costing performed (PCDO) set to 9 will be archived.

Selections for the archiving is made on panel (PMS190/E).

This function archives the records in the following tables:

Table Description (TF=Transaction File, WF=Work File)
MWOCPN TF: Co-product per operation number
MWODAY TF: Operation time per day
MWOHED TF: Work order header
MWOHEH TF: Work order header
MWOHES TF: Work order header
MWOMAA TF: Alt. material - manufacturing order
MWOMAT TF: Work order materials
MWOOPE TF: Work order operations
MWOOPS TF: Routing operation activity description
MWOOP1 TF: MO operations appendix
MWOPHA TF: Work order used phantoms
MWOPOL TF: Work order production lots
MWOPTR TF: Operation transaction
MWORCO TF: Rate compensators per material
MWQIRS TF: MO inspection results
MWRREM TF: MO reporting remarks
MWTOTR TF: Manufacturing order tool transactions
MWOSPL TF: Work order head, split
MSYTXL MF: Text line
MSYTXH MF: Text head
MWOPTS TF: Cumulative operation transactions
MWOPREL TF: Process order relation

For the deletion of production statistics, see to 'PST - Production Statistics' (PMS390), parameter 1-5. For Laboratory and Inspection Control, see the archiving routine for MOP - Manufacturing Order Processing.