Change or delete function schedule (SHS010)

Note: The function must be scheduled for the current user or for all users.

Scheduled functions can have their schedules changed or deleted. This is done in 'Job Schedule Entry. Update' (SHS010). This program contains a record for each scheduled job, showing the time the job is run, how the last run was performed, and so on. If a function must only be run once, it is removed from this program when it is completed.

The information about when the function is run is stored in CSHHED.

  1. Start 'Job Schedule Entry. Update' (SHS010).
  2. On the B panel, the Status field indicates the available statuses:

    00 = The job is scheduled but not yet run

    10 = The job has already been run

    50 = Job is held

    If a job should be run every Monday, the status will be 00 before the first run and 10 after the first run, regardless of how many times the job has been run.

  3. To delete a scheduled function, select its record and delete it.
  4. To hold/release a job use option 21/23. To recalculate the dates for a held job before releasing it,use option 22.
  5. To change a scheduled function, open its record for editing.
  6. On panel E, change one or more of the entries as described in Run scheduling - Schedule information .
  7. Click Next. (SHS231/B) is displayed. Open the E panel for all fields and fill in the Movement, Add value, and Subtract value fields.
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