Transactions from GLR to POM - POS950

The autostart job 'Transactions from GLR to POM' (POS950) transfers transactions from the table BPO950 to Project Order Management. The table BPO950 contains accounting transactions from General Ledger (GLR) created from program (GLS040). The transactions affect Outcome, Forecast, and Committed amounts and quantities per project in POM/PJM.

The records in the BPO950 table are created under the following conditions: POM/PJM is installed (installation parameter MNS100/H, PO=1).

The transaction is not a recognition accounting transaction (Accounting event PO30).

Project and element number exist in the accounting dimensions given by parameters in 'Settings - Project Management' (CRS590).

Outcome management in PJM

Programs that create records in the ASJ table

Program Description
GLS040 Update and printout of journal

Input parameters - BPO950

Field name Description Size
P6CONO Company 3,0
P6DIVI Division 3
P6YEA4 Year 4,0
P6PERI Period 2,0
P6AIT1 Accounting dimension 1 8
P6AIT2 Accounting dimension 2 8
P6AIT3 Accounting dimension 3 8
P6AIT4 Accounting dimension 4 8
P6AIT5 Accounting dimension 5 8
P6AIT6 Accounting dimension 6 8
P6AIT7 Accounting dimension 7 8
P6CUCD Currency 3
P6LOCD Local currency 3
P6DMCU Currency conversion method 1,0
P6DTUM Date 8,0
P6OUAL Actual amount local currency 15,2
P6OURR Actual amount actual rate 15,2
P6OUQT Actual quantity 15,6

Updated tables

Table Description
BPBUFO Budget and forecast lines
BMPLAN Material budget
BPCUPV Currency per project or costing
BPIDTO Budget and forecast totals on identity
BPACTO Budget and forecast totals on acc dim
BPCRTO Budget and forecast totals of cost or revenue
BPEROU Accrual accounting outcome
BPERAC Accrual accounting outcome acc dim
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