Create a User Group

This document explains how to define a user group. A user group is a group of users that have the same access to files and records in M3. For example, all users who are responsible for price and discount maintenance can be defined as one user group.

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'User Group. Open' (CRS004) and the B panel is displayed.

  2. Specify an identity for the user group you are creating. Press Enter to proceed to the E panel.

  3. On the E panel, fill in the user group’s name and description. Press Enter and you will return to the B panel.

  4. To define additional user groups, repeat the procedure from step 2. Close the program when there are no more user groups to be defined.


A user group is created and it is now possible to connect users to the user group. User groups are saved in the parameter file (CSYTAB).

User groups can be used together with object access groups. In this way, only a limited number of people in a user group will have access to, for example, a company’s price lists. This limited number of people forms an object access group.

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