Create Selection Tables

This document explains how to create user-defined selection tables in different programs. A selection table makes it possible to select the information displayed on the panel.


A user-defined selection table connected to a sorting order will have been created.

With a selection table connected to your sorting order, you will limit the information displayed on the panel even more, and in that way exclude data that is irrelevant for your purposes.

Before you start

A view and a sorting order must have been created. Refer to documents in See Also section.

Follow these steps

You can create sorting order from any program or directly in 'Sorting order. Open' (CRS022).

In order to create a user-defined sorting order, you need to create (or select) sorting options in 'Sorting Options' (CRS021). In addition, you select the number of filters in (CRS022) and the views in 'View. Open' (CRS020).

In some programs, you have the possibility of creating selection tables in 'General Selection Table. Open' (CRS023) and 'Selection Table. Define Fields (CRS026).

Create Selection Tables

In some programs, you may create selection tables from the (CRS022/F) panel. A selection table makes it possible to choose from and to values in different fields and in that way select the information displayed on the panel.

The programs where you can create selection tables are the following:

  1. Start 'Sorting order. Open' (CRS022). The B panel will be displayed.

  2. Fill in the Program field and press Enter.

  3. Choose option 2=Change in front of your earlier created sorting order and press Enter.

    Note: You cannot open the F panel with option 1=Create/Select.
  4. In the Table field on the (CRS022/F) panel, you press F4 twice to start 'General Selection Table. Open' (CRS023).

  5. In the Table field on the (CRS023/B) panel, you give the table a name and choose 1=Create. Press Enter.

  6. On the E panel, you fill in the Description and Name fields and then press Enter.

  7. Pressing Enter opens 'Selection Table. Select Fields' (CRS026/B), which is used to create keys or search paths for user-defined tables. Fill in the Field column by pressing F4 twice to start 'Field Group. Display Permitted Fields' (CRS109/B).

  8. Select the key fields you want for your user-defined table. Fill in the 'From Value' and 'To Value' fields.

  9. Press F3=End to return to (CRS023/B). Select the table you have created and press Enter. Your selected table will be displayed on the (CRS022/F) panel.

  10. There is nothing to enter on the T and E panels. Press Enter.

  11. The sorting order you have created will be displayed on the (CRS022/B) panel.

    If you have opened (CRS022) from another program, such as (MWS410), you will automatically return to this program where you can select the sorting order you have created. Otherwise, you need to open the program where you want to use the new sorting order.

Note: You can also create selection tables from 'Delivery. Open Toolbox' (MWS410). Use F17= Select to open 'M3 File. Select Fields' (CRS170)

In 'Delivery. Open Toolbox' (MWS410) you may choose whether you want to create a selection table from (CRS170) or from (CRS026). If you have set up a selection table in (CRS026), F17 will work as a quick entry to the selection table.

Parameters to set

Program ID/ Panel Field The field indicates …
(CRS022/B) Sorting order ….the current selected sorting order in use. Each sorting order contains a suggested column layout and sorting sequence, plus an optional setup of selections. Press F4=Browse to browse the present available sorting orders.
(CRS022/E) View …the view that is in use. Views are user-defined and determine the sorting order and the column layout.
(CRS022/B) Program …the program in which the selection table is used. See the field help for valid programs.
(CRS026/B) Field ….the fields that are used to create search paths for user-defined tables. These fields are also used to create the contents of user-defined files.
(CRS026/B) From Value/ To Value …the from and to values for the specified field.
(CRS022/F) Table ….the identity of a selection table. Such a table is used to describe which field values in a file should be fulfilled to qualify a record for different purposes.
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