Define Check of Information Access for Financial Programs and Accounting Dimensions

This document explains how you set the rules for accessing information in the financial system.


Programs within the financial system are included in the authorization check routine. For each program, the accounting dimensions to be checked are selected.

When you start one of the included programs, the accounting identity used for the selected dimension is automatically checked against the object access group in 'Accounting Identity. Open' (CRS630/F) to verify that the user is authorized.

The parameter file (CSYTAB), key AACH, is updated.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Settings – Access Authority Check' (GLS005).

    The B panel is displayed, listing the relevant financial programs with indications on whether they are included in the access check.

    If you call (GLS005) for the first time, import a standard setup of programs by pressing F14 on the B panel.

  2. Select a program with option Open.

  3. On the E panel, change the standard description and name, if desired.

  4. Select the 'Access check' checkbox whether the program should be included in the authorization check.

  5. Select the check boxes for the accounting dimensions you wish to be checked when starting the program. Press Enter.

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