Connect User Group to Object Access Group

This document explains how you define the rules for user access to information in M3 by connecting groups of users to object access groups.


One or several user groups are connected to an object access group.

Connect specific components or accounting identities to the respective object access group to control the information access.

The access group file (FACCES) is updated.

Before you start

An object access group must be created in 'Object Access Group. Open' (CRS006).

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Object Access Group. Open' (CRS006).

  2. On the B panel, select option 11='User groups' for the object access group to work with.

  3. 'Object Access Group. Connect User Group' is called.

  4. On panel (CRS007/B), enter the identity of the user group to connect. Press New.

  5. On panel (CRS007/E), check the description of the user group to make sure that the right group is selected. Press Enter.

  6. To add more user groups to the same object access group, repeat steps on panel (CRS007/B) and (CRS007/E).

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