Create Object Access Group

This document explains how you create an empty object access group, to which different user groups can be connected. This is done for information access purposes.


A designation for an object access group is defined.

Connect one or several user groups to the object access group in 'Object Access Group. Connect User Group' (CRS007).

The object access group is saved in the parameter file (CSYTAB).

Before you start

There are no specific starting conditions for this instruction.

Follow these steps

  1. Start ''Object Access Group. Open' (CRS006).

  2. On the B panel, set the panel sequence.

  3. This instruction is based on panel sequence E.

  4. Enter an identity for the group. Press New.

  5. The identity can be alpha-numeric and consist of up to ten characters.

  6. On the E panel, enter a description and a name. Press Enter.

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