Add additional field from table with one-to-many relationship

This procedure defines additional fields from tables with one-to-many relationships against other tables. If the information needed in the XML output is not included in any of the standard tables, but included in multiple related table records, you must define a new section and then add it to a specific XML structure in (CMS007) as a custom section. A new section is defined per printer file and XML section. Adding new sections can have a large impact on output function performance.

After creating the custom section, elements can be added from (CMS009):

  1. Start (CMS006), select XML structure and use option 11='XML Structure. Open Section' to start (CMS007).
  2. Click 'Section table' to start 'XML Section. Open Table' (CMS008).
  3. Specify the XML section and the table to be read in the section. The value of the XML section must be larger than 100. Use option 1='Create'.
  4. On the E panel, the field prefix is pre-populated and is usually not changed. Specify the base XML section. Press Enter.
  5. On the F panel, specify the sorting option to be used to read the related table. Specify the read option for every key field in the table based on the sorting option selected. To read multiple records in the table, use related option 9='Read all records'.
  6. On the G panel, specify the additional condition when reading the related table. Specify the filter group expression which indicates the logical operators to be used. Specify the group which indicates where the filter will be added to and select the source of data which indicates where the value is retrieved.
  7. On the N panel, specify field selection 1-'Specific fields'.
  8. Click 'Select field' and select a field from the table.
  9. Repeat step 7 if additional fields should be selected.
  10. Press Enter to create the section.
  11. After the section is created, close (CMS008) to return to (CMS007).
  12. In (CMS007), select the section used as Base XML section and use option 21='Add Custom Section'.
  13. Select the table from the M3 Browse window.
  14. On the E panel, fields are pre-populated and usually no change is needed.
  15. Press Enter to create the custom section.
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