Order entry statistics detail - OSS900

The auto start job 'Order Entry Statistics Detail' (OSS900) monitors the customer order lines that should be included in the detailed order entry statistics (OSASTD) and checks whether the order line is new, changed, or deleted. (OSS900) updates the order entry statistics with these lines.

Programs that create records and get updated in the ASJ table

Input parameters - OOS900

Field name Description Size
OUCONO Company 3,0
OUDIVI Division 3
OUORNO Customer order number 7
OUPONR Line number 3,0
OUPOSX Line suffix 2,0
OUDLIX Delivery index 3, 0
OUSPLT Split code 1,0
OUPGNM Program name 10
OUCMTP Company type 1,0
OUSTRT Product structure type 3
OUORIG Origin 1,0
OUPROJ Project number 7
OUELNO Project element 8
OUJNA Job name 10
OURGDT Entry date 8,0
OURGTM Entry time 6,0
OUCHID Changed by 10
OUTSTM Timestamp 26
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