Transfer XML configuration between environments

This procedure defines how to transfer XML configuration between environments or companies. It is done by creating a configuration data file (ZIP file that contains an XML file) and then import it into the receiving environment/company. This allows you to transfer your work without having to recreate it in the receiving environment/company.

Creating configuration data file

  1. Start 'List and Printer programs. Configure' (CMS005).

  2. In the field 'Select', select Printer files.

  3. Select the printer file and use option 27='Export configuration'.

  4. In the pop-up window, specify file name and version, click OK.

  5. To check the export XML file, start 'Configuration Data Jobs. Open' (MNS200) select the start date and job number and use option 20='Display XML file'.

The actual name of the ZIP file will be 'ConfigData_<File name>.xml.xip'.

Import configuration data file

Import is done in M3 BE Administration Tools.

  1. Select 'Business Engine Configuration Data'.

  2. Select tab 'Exported' to see a list of all export XML file (same list as in (MNS200)).

  3. Select the XML file and click 'Import'. The import tool then reads the XML file and runs the needed API programs to write the data to the M3 BE database. The API program and transaction to be run are specified in the XML file. During import, you can decide if the existing data should be replaced or not. If data should be replaced, a Delete transaction is run before the Add transaction.

Details about configuration data XML file

The Content part of the configuration data file always includes these sections: Check, Delete, and Add. It is processed from beginning to end.

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