FIC - M3 BE Financial Controlling

CAC - Cost Accounting

TAC - Time Accounting

'Time Report. File' (TAS800) is the function that archives time accounting transactions. Selections are made on Employee ID, Time report number, and Change date.

This function archives the records in the following tables:

Table Description
OTHEAD Time accounting transactions - header
OTTRAN Master file for time acc transactions

PCO - Product Costing

'Product Costing. Archive/Delete' (PCS270) is the function that archive or delete product costings. Use setting 'Archive/delete' on panel (PCS270/E) to incdicate if the records will be deleted. The valid alternatives are:

If Alternative 1 is selected, the costing records will be also be deleted after archiving is completed.

Note: If you select alternative 1 in the Archive/delete field, the values are archived before they are deleted. The only exception is unanswered costing warnings; they can only be deleted, not archived.

The setting 'Deletion scope' has the following valid alternatives:

If you select alternative 1, you can still display the costing model with its costing component values in (PCS300). However, no information on the product structure used as input for the costing is available.

If you select alternative 2, you can display the costing model head with its total cost in (PCS300) but no other data is available.

If you select alternative 3, all costing model values are deleted.