Printout picking lists - MWS972

The auto start job 'Manage Printout Picking List' (MWS972) monitors the work table (MMW972) and calls (MWS435), (MWS46), (MWS437) and (MWS438) which reads through the work table MITDPR for records related to the specific program and finally generate the printout/stream table.

Programs that create records in the ASJ table

Input parameters - MMW972

Field name Description Size
J2CONO Company 3,0
J2WHLO Warehouse 3
J2BJNO Job number 18
J2PGNM Program name 10
J2JNA Job name 10
J2RGDT Entry date 8/0
J2RGTM Entry time 6/0
J2CHID Changed by 10
J2TSTM Timestamp 26
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