Programs Included in System Maintenance Runs

There are optional and mandatory programs included in a System Maintenance Run. While the mandatory programs keep various parts of the system updated, the optional programs clear redundant data record files and recalculate loads/capacities.

Note: Since an M3 Business Engine installation always contains all database files, all System Maintenance Run programs can be run although only parts of M3 Business Engine are in use. That is, you do not have to install all M3 Business Engine applications to be able to run System Maintenance Run.

Mandatory programs

These programs must be run in an M3 Business Engine System Maintenance Run.

Program ID Program name
SAS920 Update Agreement info on individuals
PDS999 Restart interrupted transactions after PDS001
PMS999A Restart interrupted MO issues
PMS966 Create Action Message C2
MOS966 Create action message C2
CPS931 Create past time workload
CRS930 Update customer with invoice amount from ledger
RSS310 Move data to historical files
RCS999 Recreate CTP validation file
MOS999A Restart interrupted WO issues
MOS984S1 Deletion of Canceled Planned Work Orders
MOS999S2 Service Requirements Planning Calculation
EVS015 Shut down auto jobs
CSRVASJ Start autojobs
Note: You should activate Run function in (SHS101/E) for all programs that are mandatory to ensure a complete System Maintenance Run.

Optional programs

These programs are optional to run in an M3 Business Engine System Maintenance.

Program ID Program name


(valid when the night run is executed by (CRS999))

ECS435 Engineering change order implement MXEC
MMS999S2 Recalculate planning picture CMRP
MMS981S2 Remove expired lots in MITLOC IFCL
MMS978 Move lots (MILOMA) to rejected depending on date RCLA
OIS935 Update payer with order-value not invoiced BLOG
POS999 Generate mail from project orders and project quotations. GMPO
POS998 Generate expected days for the project order schedule GEXP
POS997 Update the value from not yet been delivered PO on the project orders GCOM
STS840 Create Rental Invoice Orders Automatically CROR
TMS960 Calculate time and attendance from Portable Device Support. CTAA
POS996 Calculate degree of completion for each element in a project order. REDG
MWS951 Remove old reservations  
ATS993 Set status 90 to attributes  
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