Create a Function

This document explains how you create a system function and define its settings. Standard M3 functions are provided when the M3 Business Engine is installed, but you may create additional functions as needed.


Various functions are created. Each function contains information about which program to use. It is typically connected to a menu tree. Functions also may be used for:

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Function. Open' (MNS110).

  2. On the B1 panel, specify an identifier in the Function field.

  3. Select the Create option.

  4. On the E panel, specify these fields and settings:

    1. Constant - specify an ID of the constant from which the description is retrieved and displayed on the menu for this function.

    2. File - specify a file ID where the defined constant ID is to be stored.

    3. Component group - specify the group to which this new function belongs.

    4. Function category - select one of the predefined alternatives to indicate the function type/category to be used. This category helps control how each function should be processed in the M3 menu system.

    5. Authorization required - select this check box to require an authorization check for this function

    6. PIN code check - select this check box to apply an extra PIN code check. For example, this can be used to force system users to specify their PIN codes to start this function.

    7. Program - specify a program name to indicate which program or Java class should be executed when this function is called by the user.

  5. Click Next to save your changes. The function record and corresponding details are displayed on the F-panel.

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