Create a User

All users who log on to M3 BE must be set up in Infor Federation Services (IFS) and Ming.le. These are then automatically added to 'User. Open' (MNS150) through a BOD.

See Infor M3 Cloud Configuration Guide 'Configuring access to M3 CE Core through Infor Ming.le' for more information.

This document explains how to define a non-licensed user. For example, a customer contact. These users do not actually log on to M3 BE but need to be created in (MNS150).
Note: Even for BE users created via IFS, there are fields in (MNS150) that you still might want to change or maintain from within BE.

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'User. Open' (MNS150) and the B panel is displayed.

  2. Specify an identifier for the user you are creating.

  3. Select the Create option.

  4. On the E panel, complete the desired information. These fields are required:

    • Name
    • User type
    • Date format
    • System language
    • Limited license user - this is for users who can access a limited number of functions according to the customer agreement. For a limited user to be allowed to run any programs, they must first be connected to a limited role in 'Roles. Open' (MNS405) and 'Roles per User. Connect' (MNS410). The programs that they can use are specified in 'Function. Connect Auth by Limited Role' (SES403) per limited role.
  5. Click Next.

  6. On the F panel, enter the desired menu settings for the user.

  7. Click Next to save the record.

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