Define Output Selection for JIT Output

This document describes how to define settings for JIT output. JIT controlled output is used when you want to print item labels in production, which requires you to direct the command to the printer closest to your workstation. The workstation and/or the item are the objects used to control the output.

Connect media control object

  1. Start 'Available Object Ctrl Parameters. Open' (CMS016).

  2. Select JIT Output Control and select option 11='Object table detailed lines'. 'Generic Object Control Table. Open' (CMS017/B) is started. Four JIT documents are displayed (C30-C33).

  3. Set the panel sequence to E1.

  4. Select a document and select Change.

  5. On the (CMS017/E) panel, specify:

    1. Priorities from 1 to 10 in the Priority fields. By default, sequence 10 corresponds to priority 1, 20 to priority 2, and so on, up to sequence 100 which corresponds to priority 10.

    2. Field 1 (2, 3, and 4) with selections made in field group (CRC30-CRC33).

    3. Press Enter. 'Output Control Selection Table. Open' (CRS029) is started.

Define media control object

  1. Start 'Output Control Selection Table. Open' (CRS029).

  2. Select a document number. Note that object-controlled output only works for JIT call off documents.

  3. Specify, if necessary, the document variant.

  4. Specify the priority. The available objects to control the output of the current document are displayed in the list.

  5. Specify the customer number, address number and, if necessary, delivery specification. Click Create.

  6. Select whether you want to use the departure selection method.

  7. Specify, if necessary, the printer file and workstation.

  8. Press Enter.

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