Creating Bookmarks

This document explains how you create bookmarks in H5 and how to test bookmark parameters.


A bookmark is created in H5 which lets you open a specific Business Engine program.

Create a bookmark in H5

Follow these steps to create a bookmark using M3 Business Engine in the H5 client:

  1. Open the M3 BE program you want to bookmark, for example, 'Item. Open' (MMS001).

  2. Select Tools > Add Start Page Shortcuts.

  3. Specify a shortcut name and click OK.

Note: The bookmark is saved under the Start Page Shortcut widget, which needs to be added to your Start Page.

Add the bookmark widget

Follow these steps to add the shortcut widget on your Start Page in the H5 client:

  1. On the Start Pages, click 'Add Widget'.

  2. Select the 'Shortcuts' widget.

Bookmark parameters

Developers can use (MTS043/A) to test how the bookmark parameters settings change the BE program behavior, for example, when working with Mashups.

Specify the required field values as described in the table with parameters to set and click Next to test calling on the program using the bookmark settings.

A bookmark contains several parameter values. The parameter values decide how the BE program will behave when it is started from a bookmark. This table shows how to set these parameters:

Parameter Description Value (example)
Program The BE program to start, does not need to be a program in the menu. MMS002
Table The table name, reference to the key values. MITBAL
Key value 1 Key value 1 according to primary key 573
Key value 2 Key value 2 according to primary key A11
Key value 3 Key value 3 according to primary key BOOK-TESTS
Key values 4-16 Key values 4-16 according to primary key (Leave these blank for MITBAL table. The primary key only has three fields.)

This table shows the optional parameters to set for a bookmark:

Parameter Description Value (example)

The option to perform, for example 2='Edit' or 5='Display'.

Note that you also can use all related options.

Set a blank value to display the start panel.


Where to position in the panel sequence.

Set a blank value to display the first panel in the user's default sequence.

Focus field The field to set focus on. You can only set focus on a field if a panel has been specified. WBSCGR
Panel sequence

The panel sequence to use.

Set a blank value to display the user's default sequence.

Include start panel Indicate if the user should return to the start panel, after walking through the panel sequence, or after processing the option. true
Start panel

To use A or B panel as start panel.

Set a blank value to use the user's default start panel.

Sorting order

Sorting order (inquiry type) to use on the B panel.

Set a blank value to use the user's default sorting order.


The view (panel version) to use (only relevant if a view is used by the list program).

Set a blank value to use the user's default view.

Start panel fields Any start panel field. The field name should be the name with six positions used on the panel, for example, 'W2POTK' or 'WWFACI'. (No B panel fields needed in this example)

Extra parameters for the bookmark.

Not all programs have extra parameters. In Metadata Publisher, you can see if a program has extra parameters for a bookmark.

(No parameters for (MMS002))

The example values above will open the F panel in 'Item. Connect Warehouse' (MMS002) for item 'BOOK-TESTS' in warehouse A11. The F panel will be in change mode, focusing on the WBSCGR field. After leaving the F panel, the user will return to the B panel of the program.


Not all programs are enabled for bookmarks.

In Metadata Publisher, you can get a list of which programs that support bookmarks. It also provides information for each program regarding:

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