Define Output Selection based on Content

This document describes how to define settings for output selection based on content (object-controlled). This is usually used when sending information directly to a receiver.

Example: A customer invoice printout job is running, which means that the delivery of the output is controlled by how the media settings are defined. You can deliver a certain invoice in the form of an email to one customer while delivering it as an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) message to another customer.

Define media profile

Use 'Media Profile. Open' (CRS033) to define the media profile.

Note: Currently, the usage of media profile is restricted to purchasing documents. A media profile is used to control the media selection based on a business transaction, such as a purchase order. The media profile specifies the form of media to be used for the output of the transaction. It works as a filter in the partner media selection, allowing you to have multiple combinations of partner media settings, with or without different media profiles. The media profile can control the selection of media on its own or in collaboration with other objects.

The media profile defined in (CRS033) can be set in an M3 BE transaction, such as a purchase order, as one of the components that determine the media during printing.

Connect media control object

  1. Start 'Standard Document. Open' (CRS027).

  2. Select Standard document and select option 12='Media' to proceed to 'Std Document. Connect Media Ctrl Object' (CRS945/B1).

  3. Specify a media control object and click Create.

  4. Specify a name and description.

  5. Press Enter to finish and return to (CRS945/B1).

  6. Press option 12='Media' to proceed to 'Doc Media Control Object. Connect Media' (CRS949/B1).

  7. Specify the media code by pressing F4 and selecting a form of media valid for the document. Click Create.

Depending on which form of media you are defining, the E, F, G, H, or J panels are displayed.

Define media print (E panel)


Define media email (F panel)


Define media fax (G panel)


Define media file (H panel)


Define media EDI and MBM (J panel)


Define media Archive (H panel)

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