Create and Configure User Defined Menu

This document describes how to create and configure user specific menu in 'Menu Version. Open' (MNS080).


Whenever a user opens an M3 functionality in M3 H5, the menu is displayed based on the settings in MNS111MI. These settings are user specific and depend on the security settings for the user in M3 Business Engine and also which menu version the user is connected to in 'User. Open' (MNS150/E).

Follow these steps

A user, by default, is connected to a blank menu version in 'Function. Open' (MNS110). To create User Defined Menu, follow these steps.

Create a new Menu Version

  1. Start 'Menu Version. Open' (MNS080).

  2. Specify a Menu version and select Options > Create.

  3. Specify the name for the new Menu version on the E-panel. Click Next.

    The new menu version is created.

Create a new Menu

To create a new Menu for the created Menu version, you can copy and connect existing Menu(s) (and their submenus) used in the default (or any other) menu version.

  1. Start 'Menu Version. Open' (MNS080).

  2. To copy a menu, right-click a record and select Copy.

  3. Specify the Menu version you want to copy to and click Next until you are back on the B-panel again.

  4. Repeat these steps until all submenus and menus are connected to the new Menu version that you created.

Connect a Menu Version to a User

  1. Start 'User. Open' (MNS150).

  2. Select the current user and open the F-panel.

  3. Select the menu version that you created.

    Menu version is what will be shown in the menu.

  4. Click Next and close 'User. Open' (MNS150).

Depending on the security settings in 'Function. Connect Authorization by Role' (SES400), your menu version displays the functions your user is connected to.

Display the new Menu

Log off and log on to M3 H5. After logging in, the new menu items with connected functionality are available.

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