Monitoring Output Jobs

This document explains how you track output jobs and confirm that delivery to the correct output Service ID. You can also monitor and manage output errors.

'Output. Manage per Job' (MNS270) and 'Output. Manage per Partner' (MNS207) are used to track and monitor output. Note that the XML file is only saved in (MNS270) and (MNS207) if 'Save output' in (MNS204) is selected. Otherwise, it is automatically removed when the job is successfully completed.

For every output function job, a record is created in (MNS270) that acts as the control record for the output. Every job is identified by a unique job number. This record contains the process status, process control, any messages received from the output server, and user IDs (submit external user ID and status external user ID) used to connect to Infor Document Management (IDM). The job number is connected to one or several output files (physical files) that have the Job number as the name.

Object controlled output

If an output function job uses output selection based on content, one or several additional records can be created in (MNS207). Records in (MNS270) containing output jobs that have (MNS207) records are marked with an exclamation mark (!). Use option 13='Partner' in (MNS270) to start (MNS207).

Example: The output function selects five purchase orders and is directed to a printer. Two of these orders have object controlled output selection defined for media *MAIL. When the output job is running, three purchase orders go to the (MNS270) output file and two purchase orders create two addition records in (MNS207).

Output status

An output job can have different statuses depending on the communication type used on 'Output Service. Open' (MNS216/E).

These statuses are used for Communication type Infor Output Management:

These statuses are used for Communication type TCP/IP connector, Infor Reporting event and Transfer files:

View output file

  1. Select the record of the job number, and select related option 11='View'. The M3 Business Engine Browse window is displayed.

  2. Select the required job number, and click 'Select'. A new tab with the output file is displayed. You can use the options 'Download' or 'Show XML'.

    Note: Ensure that the pop-up blocker is disabled on the browser. If not, move over your pointer to the address bar, then click the Pop-up blocked icon. If a message is displayed, select the first option for allowing pop-ups.

Send output file

If 'Hold output' in (MNS204) is selected, the output file goes to either (MNS270) or (MNS207), but is not sent until it is manually sent by option 1='Send'.

Infor Output Management

If Communication type Infor Output Management is used, only related option 12='Output. Manage per file' can be used to see the detailed status for every XML file sent to IDM. In 'Output. Manage per file' (MNS209), the same statuses in (MNS270) are used.

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