Manage Sorting Options

When you create sorting options, you can either select or delete a certain field value after the sorting order is displayed.

This document describes how to create a user-defined sorting option in 'M3 File. Create Sorting Options' (CRS021), which can be opened directly or accessed by pressing F4 from the 'Sorting Option' field on the 'Sorting Order. Open' (CRS022/E) panel. User-defined sorting options can only have these values: U1–U9, V1–V9, or X1–X9.

Follow these steps

  1. On the (CRS021/B) panel, define a sorting option in the 'Sorting option' field and use alternative 1='Create'.
  2. Specify values in the description and name fields on (CRS021/E).
  3. In the key field, press F4. Select the fields that you want as sorting fields.
  4. On the (CRS021/E) panel, descending fields may be enabled, depending on which file you make sorting options for. This functionality controls whether or not sorting of the field values should be descending.
  5. In the 'Field' column on (CRS021/F), define which database fields to use. Press F4 and choose from the database fields. In the Value field, specify the values to test and 'Select/Omit' shows whether these values should be included or excluded.

    By limiting the fields and values, the record will be displayed faster if no selection is made.

  6. Raise the status of a recently created sorting option by choosing alternative 20='Activate' on the (CRS021/B) panel. Press F5= 'Refresh' to display the new status.

By exporting the configuration, you can save or transfer the sorting options. Use alternative 22='Export Configuration' on one or several sorting options and specify the file name and version number of the configuration. Locate the file by opening 'Configuration Data Jobs. Open' (MNS200). Use sorting order 4, then specify the file name and start date. Use alternative 20='Display XML file' to download the XML file as a compressed zip file. After import through the Business Engine Configuration Data tool, the sorting options are activated automatically."

Sorting options can also be accessed and managed through the API CRS021MI (Sorting option interface).

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