Bookmarks in M3 BE

This document provides an overview of the bookmark functionality in M3 BE.


With a bookmark, you can start an interactive Business Engine program with:

When starting a detail panel, you can also position the cursor at a specific field. For example, you can start 'Item. Connect Warehouse' (MMS002) directly on panel F for a specific item in a specific warehouse.

A bookmark can be specified to perform any option available in the interactive program on the record. The bookmark specifies whether the start panel is included or excluded, and which start panel to use. The panel sequence, sorting order, view, and field values on the start panel can also be set for the bookmark.

Bookmarks are used in these scenarios:

For an interactive program to be able to process bookmarks, a specific program code is required. The bookmark code for M3 BE is either delivered in base delivery or in a code template. This means that not all programs are enabled for bookmarks.

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