Creating an Additional Default Router Node

This component provides the entry point for most of the traffic into the Grid, including providing the HTTP and HTTPS entry points.

To create an additional default grid router node on another host:

  1. Right-click your grid and select the task Configuration Manager.
  2. For Grid

    Click Routers

    For Grid

    Click Communication > Routers

  3. Make a note of which host the Default Router node is running on for later use.
  4. Click "Add Router".
  5. Type a name for the router, for example Default_Router_2.
  6. Select the host to run the additional default router node on.
  7. In the field "External Address", enter the host FQDN or IP address.
  8. Enter the same port information and authentication methods as stated on the original Default Router node.
  9. Click "Add".
  10. Click Save, and confirm the configuration changes.