Creating an Additional M3Coordinator Binding

This component encompasses the Transaction server, and is responsible for both job routing and transactional lock handling and commit.

The M3Coordinator node is a singleton, that is, only one M3Coordinator node can operate at any time. The secondary running node takes over if the primary node is unavailable, but the two nodes cannot share the load.


The M3UIAdapter connections are routed through the M3Coordinator. If the primary node fails, all interactive sessions with M3 BE are lost, and the secondary node is available for re-logon.

To create an M3Coordinator binding for an additional host:

  1. Right-click your environment and select the task Configure Application.
  2. Look in the Bindings list and make a note of which host the M3Coordinator node is running on for later use.
  3. For Grid

    Click "+Add Binding"

    For Grid

    Click "Bindings +Add"

  4. Select the NodeType "Coordinator".
  5. Type a name for the binding, for example M3Coordinator_2.
  6. Specify Min, Initial, Max as 1, and select the alternative host to run on.
  7. Click "Add Binding".
  8. Click Save, and confirm the configuration changes.