What is M3 Core?

For companies in the business to Make, Move and Maintain products, Infor M3 provides the tools they need to manage their operations. With the full system, they can monitor transactions throughout their organization, including manufacturing operations, supply chain activities, customer and supplier relationships, warehouse and distribution processes and, of course, financial management. Infor M3 consolidates these into one coherent view of operations.

While the complete M3 Solution is made up of several different Software Components, where some are unique for just a certain industry or micro vertical, there are a number of components that will be common for all M3 installations no matter for what industry. These components are gathered under the Product Family named M3 Core.

This guide will be covering the necessary steps to plan and prepare for an installation of these components, M3 Core.

M3 Core
M3 Business Engine
M3 Financial Business Messages
M3 Core Infrastructure and Technology
LifeCycle Manager
ION Grid
Session Providers
M3 Core Technology
Grid Database Connectivity (GDBC)
Event Hub
Event Analytics
M3 UI Adapter
H5 Enterprise
M3 Foundation
Web Services Runtime
Infor Enterprise Collaborator (IEC)
BOD Processor
Workflow Executor
M3 Adaptation Kit
M3 Metadata Publisher

The Planning guide is the first in a set of three guides:

M3 Core Installation Guides

  1. Planning in the guide, "M3 Core Installation Planning Guide"
  2. Software installation in the guide "M3 Core Installation Guide"
  3. Post-installation, upgrade and administration in the guide "M3 Core Administration Guide"

These guides cover all necessary aspects and steps to establish the installation of the components above and can be found on Infor Support Portal Documentation.

The first guide lay the foundation for the installation of the additional software components since they are all connected to the M3 Core parts in one way or another. It is therefore of utmost importance that the first steps are done with care and attention to details, since a small deviation here might cause ripple effects later on.