What Is Event Analytics?

The Event Analytics application allows you to analyze the events processed by the Event Hub. The Event Hub is intentionally kept simple. It guarantees delivery of events to subscribers according to the subscriptions. However, sometimes you may need to analyze the events more thoroughly for more refined routings. A very simple example is to send events to Infor Process Automation only when an M3 item is released, that is, when the M3 MITMAS record is updated from a lower status to status 20.

Event Analytics contains a subscriber and a publisher. In between the subscriber and the publisher, there is a rules engine, Drools Expert by JBoss. Events are received by the subscriber and inserted into the rules engine as facts, and the rules are fired based on matching filter conditions. You create your own rules based on facts such as events, time, or custom-declared fact types. In a rule, you can post received events back to the Event Hub, create and post new events, store data, and so on using standard Java code.