Configuring the Remote Class File Loader to Run on Either Host

The Remote Class File Loader is responsible for loading the class files when they are requested by an M3 Subsystem node. In these steps we configure the Remote Class File Loader to run on multiple hosts, and configure M3 Foundation to use a direct file path to bypass the use of the Remote Class File Loader. Due to a code dependency in M3 Foundation, the Remote Class File Loader is required to run, regardless of if it is used.

The M3 Foundation components are dependent on the M3 class loader.

To configure an M3RemoteClassProvider binding:

  1. Right-click your environment and select the task Configure Application.
  2. Click the "M3RemoteClassProvider" binding.
  3. Select the two hosts that are used in the configuration.
  4. Click "Save Binding".
  5. Click Save, and confirm the configuration changes.

Remote file loading must be configured from a shared network location.

By default, the files are loaded from the root file system of the Grid on the host where M3 BE was installed. In a multi-host configuration, the files must be loaded from a shared network location to ensure that if one host fails, the others can still operate. Override the default location for the class files in the M3 Subsystem nodes by bypassing the M3RemoteClassProvider node.


The M3RemoteClassProvider node must still be running, due to a coded dependency.