Import CA certificate to a LifeCycle Manager keystore

The CA certificate must be imported before LDAPs can be enabled for communication between AD LDS and the LifeCycle Manager Server and AD LDS.

  1. Verify that the folder for the keystore exists.
  2. Create the keystore and import the CA certificate. For example, use the following command:

    D:\<path to jdk>\bin>keytool -import -file c:/dc5.cer -keystore "D:\Infor\LifeCycle Manager\LCM-Server\adam\ADAM_SSL/dc5" - storepass ChangeMe123 -storetype jks

    You must replace ChangeMe123 with your password.


    The Trust store password cannot end with @.

  3. Edit the following parameters in the file. The passwords for bind user and trust store will be encrypted the next time the LifeCycle Manager Server is restarted.
    # LDAP configurations
    ldap.ssl.enabled.0=true Manager/LCM-Server/adam/ADAM_SSL/dc5