Add a database driver for the Grid Database Connectivity (GDBC)

The Grid Database Connectivity supports the uploading of new database drivers (type 4 JDBC only). If you have type 4 JDBC drivers you want to use, you can upload them to the GDBC broker.

  1. Access the management pages for the Grid Database Connectivity. You can access these pages via the grid's Grid Management Pages, which can be accessed through the LifeCycle Manager, Java Web Start, or HTML. For more information, see the Infor ION Grid Administration Guide.
  2. In the Grid Management Pages, click the Management Pages link for the Grid Database Connectivity.
  3. On the Grid DB Broker page, click Manage Drivers.
  4. On the Drivers page, click Add New.
  5. Enter a driver name and click Create.
  6. On the Driver Details page, click Add file(s).
  7. Enter the path and name of the drivers files, or click Browse to navigate to each driver file.
  8. Click Add when you have entered or selected all driver files you want to add.