MCP - Maintenance Correction Pack

Maintenance Correction Pack (MCP) is the preferred method for installing fixes.

An MCP is a manually packaged MCE which has relations to a number of MCEs. Each MCP also contains accumulated delivery units for Language components, and API metadata for the related MCEs. Individual MCPs are delivered for each country (Mxx) and the standard component (MVX). Installing an MCP will install all related MCEs.

The MCP is created at a certain point in time, and includes references to all MCEs available for the component at that time. Each MCP is cumulative, therefore it is only necessary to download and install the latest. An MCP (and all related MCEs) cannot be deactivated.

The MCP is packaged as a zip file in the Temporary Fix (TFix) format, and the naming standard for the zip file is: TFix_MCP<mm>-<BE version>- <nn>_<component>.zip

<mm> is a sequence number, <BE version> is the M3 BE version, and <nn> is a build number starting with 01.


To see which MCPs that are installed, open the management pages for the BE environment, and click the About link.