To create a database

Use this procedure to create a new database on your selected database server.

  1. Select Create new database and click Next.
  2. Specify this information:

    The name of the database to create


    The name of the database schema to create (optional)

    Database administrator user

    The user with privileges to create the database

    Database administrator password

    The password for the administrator user

    New database user

    The user that will be created to run the grid database

    New database password

    The password you want to set for the grid database user

    Database location

    Optionally, specify the path for the database.


    This field is available only if you selected an SQL Server, and if the database location for the API setting is available in LCM, for example, latest LCM version. If left blank, the database will be created in the default path.

  3. Confirm the new password and click Next.
  4. On the summary page, review the information and click Finish to complete.