Installing Financial Business Messages

Use the this procedure to install the M3 Financial Business Messages.

  1. Extract the FBM zip file.
  2. Open Eclipse mapper and select a workspace, and click OK.
  3. Specify the Business Document Mapper Security Password.
  4. Import mapping.
  5. Publish the mapping.
  6. Activate the mapping.
  7. Connect the mapping to its corresponding Partner Agreement.

After FBM installation is completed, you must Deploy the mapping to the Mapper Server runtime environment. Deployment is the process of publishing a mapping to a Mapper Server. The mappings are loaded into the Mapper Sever and are ready to run after they have been activated or reactivated. Then, connect the published mapping to its corresponding Partner agreement using the Partner Agreement Tool.

For more information, see these topics:

"Importing mappings", see Infor Document Mapper User Guide.

"Publishing mappings", see Infor Enterprise Collaborator Administration Guide.