Apply Fix Wizard

Fixes that are in conflict with the current M3 Business Engine environment are applied using the Apply Fix wizard. It is automatically started when the type of the fix, or conflict, is determined.

  1. The Apply Fix wizard is started.

    The appropriate Viewdefinitions, language files, help files and OUT layouts are installed at the same time. Click Next.

  2. Select a Fix type in the list and type a description for the fix. Click Next.
  3. A list of already existing files in the target folder is presented. These files will be replaced by the files to be installed. Click Next.
  4. A list of files that exist in another fix type folder or as a fix for an additional component is displayed. These files might be affected by the files to be installed. Select the files to be removed by selecting the check box in front of the file name. Click Next. The files that are not selected will remain in the specific environment.
  5. A list of files that might affect the behavior of the fix to be installed are presented. If there are no conflicting files found, click Next.
  6. On the Summary screen, verify the property values and click Finish.
  7. When the task is finished, a dialog appears. Click OK. To view the log file, either click View log or go to the Logs view.
  8. If the fix you applied contains database interface changes, changes to database delivery data, MI transactions or fix programs, a new window informs you to perform one or more of the following tasks:
    • If the fix contains DB Interface: run the Upgrade Database with Fix/Feature Pack task.


      If archiving is used on your installation, run the Upgrade Archiving Schema task. For more information, see M3 BE LifeCycle Manager User Guide.

    • If the fix contains a DB data zip file: run the Import Database Data task.

    • If the fix contains MI transactions: run the Apply MI metadata task.

    • If the fix contains fix programs: run the Run Fix Programs task.


      The run fix programs task is only applicable for environments running M3 Foundation or newer versions and when applying a fix on the M3 BE 15.1.3 or newer versions.

    Click Details. A Notepad window with information about for which fix(es) the different tasks must be run is displayed.