Start page configuration scenarios

This section describes possible Start page configuration scenarios. These scenarios are just examples that can be used when configuring a Start page installation.

Total Lockdown

In this scenario an administrator configures all pages for the users. This is also the most restrictive scenario.

The Middle Way

In this scenario the users are allowed to have private and favorite pages, but the first page is set by the administrator.

Total Freedom

In this scenario users are also allowed to publish pages.

Settings matrix for different configuration scenarios

This table shows examples of how to configure settings for different scenarios.

  Total Lockdown The Middle Way Total Freedom Start Page Administrator
Enable Start Pages Enabled Enabled Enabled Enabled
Enable public page favorites Disabled Enabled Enabled **
Enable copying of public pages Disabled Enabled Enabled **
Enable editing of public pages Disabled Disabled Enabled **
Enable deleting of public pages Disabled Disabled Disabled **
Enable page import Disabled Enabled Enabled **
Enable page export Disabled Enabled Enabled **
Enable public sharing of pages Disabled Disabled Enabled **
Enable remembering of last used page Disabled Disabled Enabled **
Enable private pages Disabled Enabled Enabled **
Max number of pages 0 3 10 10
Minimum edit level for pages Owner Owner Everyone Everyone
Default page None Yes Yes Yes
Mandatory pages 1-n 1-n 0-n 0-n
Enabled widgets * * * *
Disabled widgets * * * *
Application Messages refresh minutes 30 30 30 30

(*) An optional comma-separated list of widget IDs that should be enabled or disabled

(**) Always enabled for Start page administrators and application administrators