Replace the jTDS driver with Microsoft JDBC driver

  1. Right-click your environment and select Configure Application.
  2. Click Edit Properties.
  3. Search for property db.con.drivername.
  4. Click the Value link (i.e. net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver).
  5. Replace the Value with
  6. Click Update Property.
  7. Search for property db.con.url.
  8. Click the "Value" link (i.e. jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://<host>:<port>/<M3 BE env database name>).
  9. Replace with the Value with jdbc:sqlserver://<host>:<port>;databaseName=<M3 BE env database name>.
  10. Click Update Property.
  11. Save your changes.
  12. Restart the environment.