Automatic purging

Automated purging functionality allows configurable time period based purging of subscribers. For example, if x days/ a hour and b minutes passed since the last time a subscriber connected then initiate a delete queues and queued events. In this way the system is self-cleansing the test environment at a regular interval if the subscribers remain disconnected.

To schedule an automatic purge for a subscriber:

Scheduling an automatic purge

  1. Go to the main EventHub management page subscribers table.
  2. Click Add for the specific subscriber.
  3. Specify the interval, in hour and minutes, to run the auto purge job. See this screenshot:

    To run the auto purge every 24 hour specify this information:

    Note: This functionality is used for cleanup unwanted events. Do not use this for production data! It can cause permanent loss of undelivered events to the subscribers.